Objectives: Prevent each of the seven convoys from leaving the area.

This is a tricky little mission. You have limited resources and need to stop 7 Convoys, of 3 Convoy Trucks each, while the Soviets continue to bring in reinforcements. When a convoy truck is destroyed it will drop a nuke. Walking over the nuke will cause it to explode. You can use this to your advantage to destroy all the trucks in the convoy, just make sure the majority of your units aren’t too close to the nuke when it goes off.

You begin with a lightly defended base. Build some Small Tanks for defence and some more for scouting. You may want to build Rangers instead as they’re much faster than tanks and you need speed for this mission.

You have 20 minutes to prepare before the first convoy arrives. Scout out all of the exits and place Mines on the roads. You’ll need a few mines because each convoy has 3 Convoy Trucks. Hopefully your tanks will destroy the convoys but the mines are a safety feature. If one convoy truck leaves the map the mission will be a failure.

You will want 2 groups of tanks, and maybe Rangers, to hunt down the convoys when they arrive. Be careful of where your Ore Trucks are harvesting because they can easily get into trouble.

If a Convoy Truck explodes and leaves a nuke remember where it is because you can blow it up for defence if another convoy, or group of enemy tanks, gets close to it. Once you’ve destroyed the last convoy the mission will be complete.

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