Objectives: Destroy all Soviet forces and structures.

This is a basic Red Alert mission of destroying all Soviet units and structures. You begin with a small group of units in the north-western corner. Deploy the MCV and send your Spy out to explore the map. If he wanders into a Soviet base he’ll probably be eaten by a dog.

You’ll want four Ore Trucks for this mission. There’s an ore field to the south and plenty of ore to the east. Make sure you send some units out to clear the Soviets out of the fields before your Ore Trucks get attacked. To the east and a little bit south of your starting location there’s a group of barrels. Destroy them for 2,000 credits.

There are two Soviet bases. One directly to the south and then other to the south-east. You’ll want a large group of 20+ Medium Tanks to push through but bringing Artillery along will mean you can proceed step-by-step and hopefully take fewer losses. Once the first Soviet base has fallen replenish your units and sweep across to the other base. It doesn’t seem to matter which base you take out first. I went directly south and then to the eastern base. Once all Soviet structures and units have been destroyed the Allied campaign will be complete.

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