Objectives: Destroy, or capture, the nuclear MiG and then wipe out the Allied base.

The Allies have access to a Nuclear MiG in this mission so you need to be very careful that you don’t trigger its attacks or you’ll be blown to smithereens. You begin with a decent base and 6 Tesla Tanks.

Bring the Tesla Tanks across to the west to take out the smaller Allied base. You can destroy all their buildings except for the Construction Yard which you want to take over and the Naval Yard. If you attack the Naval Yard the MiG will be activated and start dropping nukes on you.

Once you have the Construction Yard build a couple of AA Guns to take out the Choppas. Build your own Naval Yard and construct a few Destroyers and Transports. Fill the Transports with Engineers in an Armoured Vehicle and Tanks and escort them down to the bottom left side of the map. Use the Destroyers to take out the Allied Tanks.

As soon as you land on the little island the MiG will start attacking. It may even drop a nuke near its own buildings. To take over the MiG you’ll need to time the Armoured Vehicle to drop off the Engineers when the MiG is just about to land. Quickly run the Engineers into the Airfield and the MiG should be yours! If you mess it up just destroy the MiG.

If you have the MiG you can use it to destroy the large Allied base on the eastern side of the map. If you don’t you’ll need to build a large force of Tanks and destroy their base the conventional way. Either way, once all Allied units and structures have been destroyed the mission will be finished.

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