Objectives: Escort the Cargo Truck to its destination.

You begin with a group of units, including Mammoth Tanks, Tanks, V2s and Infantry, escorting a Supply Truck. The Infantry will only last 20 minutes in the snow an the vehicles will survive for 60 minutes. Move them out and head to the east. If you take the lower path under the trees you can explore the eastern side of the map but you don’t need to. There’s a couple of Health crates to heal up your forces but you may lose some units in the process.

Head to the north and then around to the west, destroying the Cannons and other Allied units along the way. When you get to the small river hold your V2 rockets on this side and wait for the Allied units to come at you one-by-one. When the coast is clear head over the river and make your way north.

Use the V2 Rockets to destroy the Cannons on the ridges while staying out of reach. You’ll need to loop back around through the canyon which is guarded by more tanks and Cannons. Once you’re close enough to the Soviet base use your Mammoths to cause a distraction and rush the Convoy Truck through the canyon towards the base. Once the truck reaches the outskirts of the base the mission will be complete.

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