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Vault 15 is now home to the New Khans. They are the remnants of the Khans the Vault Dweller dealt with in the first Fallout game. The leader of this small settlement is Darian and he’s out for revenge against Tandi, the president of NCR.

When you first come across this settlement not many people will talk to you and there seems to be no sign of the vault. Follow the quests below to get access to the vault and retrieve the computer parts. Once you’re down on Level 3 make sure you check the computers in the room to the south west to find the location of Vault 13. That’s where you’re headed next if you’re following this walkthrough.

1) Rescue Chrissy

When you enter the camp you’ll see a woman named Rebecca standing area. She agrees to talk to you and asks you to follow her into her tent. She tells you her daughter, Chrissy, has gone missing. During the conversation you’ll notice an eavesdropper outside the tent. Make your way to the northeast where you’ll see a woman standing between the trees. Her name is Dalia. Ask her if she saw anyone pass this way and she’ll let you through.

In the next area you’ll see the entrance to the vault. Phil is guarding a small building. Either persuade him to release Chrissy or kill him and his companion. Phil has a Key that disarms and unlocks the door to Chrissy’s room. Head back to the camp and speak with Rebecca. You’ll now be able to speak with the leader of the camp, Zeke, who will give you the Keycard to Vault 15 and ask you to kill Darian.

2) Kill Darian

Once you’ve rescued Chrissy you’ll have access to the Vault. You’ll most likely have to fight your way through the Khans down to Level 3. If you have Intelligence and Speech skill you may be able to convince them that you’re a new recruit.

Either way once you’re on level 3 you’ll need to kill Darian and his guards. They’ve got some pretty advanced weaponry so make sure you’re prepared. Check the computer behind where Darian was standing for the Spy Holodisk for Tandi. The Computer Parts can be found in the central locker room and the location to Vault 13 can be found by using one of the computers in the room to the south west.

Once the New Khans have been dealt with go back to the settlement and speak with Zeke. He’ll ask you to make a deal with NCR, see quest #4 below.

3) Give spy holodisk to authority in NCR

After completing quest #2 you should have the Spy Holodisk from Darian’s computer. Take it back to NCR and give it to President Tandi. It reveals that the Khans have a spy in her Government. Talk to Gunther to have the spy removed and you’ll be rewarded with $4000.

4) Complete deal with NCR

Once you’ve taken out the Khans, killed Darian and spoken with Zeke return to NCR to talk with Tandi. That should complete all the Vault 15 quests and the sqatters will now be a part of NCR.

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