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The New California Republic, or NCR, was first called Shady Sands in the first Fallout game. It’s inhabited by the survivors of Vault 15. NCR operates somewhat like a police state with strict rules that must be followed. Do not enter the town with your weapons drawn or you’ll be fired upon. Make sure all of your companions put their weapons away as well.

NCR has four large sections, the Bazaar, NCR Downtown, Westin Ranch and the Council Hall. You’ll arrive at the Bazaar. If it’s night time rest until morning as the town only opens during the day time.

1) Retrieve Parts/Gain Access to Vault 15

Speak with Deputy Karl in the Police Station in the Downtown area about work opportunities and he’ll tell you to seek and audience with President Tandi in the Council Hall. She’s looking for someone to go to Vault 15 and retrieve some computer parts.

When you go to Vault 15 you’ll find a group of squatters outside. None of them are too willing to speak with you. You’ll find more information about the squatters on the Vault 15 page. You can get access to the vault by completing the Rescue Chrissy quest.

Once you’re in the vault the head down to level 3 and enter the storage room on the right. The Computer Parts can be found here. You can return to Tandi now or continue on to kill Darion and the rest of the New Khans before heading back to NCR.

2) “Take care of Officer Jack” for Mira

This quest is for stupid characters with high strength. You’ll need an Intelligence of under 4 and a Strenght of 7+. Speak with Mira, the bartender of the Rawhide Saloon in the Bazaar district. She will tell you to use a rope to climb over the town walls. Wait by the power station in the morning and Jack will run up threatening to blow himself up. You can either kill him or let him blow himself up. Either way he’ll be dead and you can return to Mira for a powerful weapon, the H&K P90c.

3) Complete brahmin Drive

Speak with Duppo and ask for work. He’ll offer you a job escorting a caravan to Redding. If you accept the job he’ll tell you to wait outside Roger Westin’s estate at 08:00 the next morning. If you have a car you’ll need to leave it at NCR. This means you’ll need to walk back once you get to Redding, unless you can find another caravan heading back the way you came.

On the way to Redding you’ll face between 1 to 4 random encounters. Once you reach Redding you’ll be paid depending how many brahmin survived. If 6-10 survive you’ll be paid $3000. If fewer brahmin make it you’ll be paid on a decreasing scale. There is no XP for this quest.

4) Test mutagenic serum on a super-mutant

To begin this quest speak with Dr. Henry. He can be found in the building to the south of the merchant Duppo. You’ll need a Science skill of 80% or over. Ask about Vault 13 and discuss cyber-genetics with him. You’ll then be able to pick up this quest to test the serum on a super mutant. The closest super mutant is the one in the bar in the Bazaar area. Use the serum on him and report back to Dr. Henry. If you want he’ll give you a Robodog NPC for a companion.

5) Eliminate Mr. Bishop

If you picked up the quest in New Reno to kill Westin and confront Westin then he’ll give you the option to turn on your employer for more money. Head back to New Reno and take out Bishop. You can find him on the second floor of the Shark Club.

There are four ways to kill him. Pump him with Super Stimpaks and wait a few minutes. He’ll have a heart attack. Kill him outright and then fight your way out of the Shark Club. Sleep with Leslie Anne Bishop and recommend that John Bishop have an “accident”. Place explosives on his safe and watch what happens. Lastly you can Repair the safe to change the password. Next time Bishop goes to open the safe he’ll detonate his own trap. Head down stairs and wait for the explosion. However you do it return to Westin for your reward.

6) Deliver Westin’s holodisk to Lynette in Vault City

Once you complete Deliver Lynette’s Holodisk to Westin in NCR he’ll ask you if you’re a citizen of the Vault City. If you are he’ll ask you to deliver a holodisk to Lynette. Return to Vault City and speak to Lynette to complete the quest. If you have a high Charisma 8+ or high Speech 75%, she’ll appoint you Captain of the Guard.

7) Get the map from the NCR Rangers, for Vortis the slaver

The Slavers are worried about the Rangers ruining their operations and Vortis asks you to steal the Ranger’s map from their office. Walk to Downtown NCR, make sure you have all your weapons holstered before you enter the town. Behind the Sheriff’s office you’ll find the Ranger’s headquarters. Search the tables to find the Ranger’s Map and bring it back to Vortis for a reward of $500.

8) Free the slaves in the slave pen, for the Rangers

The Rangers want to see slavery eliminated. When speaking to Elise you’ll need to have a neutral or higher Karma and say that you don’t like slavery. You’ll be offered the chance to become a Ranger. All you need to do is free the slaves in the slave pens. Head back up to the slavers and use the terminals to free the slaves. They’ll run off but the Slavers will become hostile. Take them out and go back to Elise for 3000 XP and a Ranger Pin.

9) Deliver Hubologist’s field report to AHS-9 in San Francisco

To be given this quest you’ll need Intelligence of at least 8 and Speech of 65%. Speak with The Enlightened One and answer either “Why, I’m Transcendency of Course.” or “Oh, I assumed you could see my aura. I’m sorry.” Then ask her about the state of things and she’ll ask you to take a report to AHS-9 in San Fransisco. Delivering the report gives you 500 XP but you’ll lose 10 Karma.

10) Kill Hubologist in NCR for Merk

The crime boss Merk wants you to kill a Hubologist called the Enlightened One. Merk won’t talk to you right away unless you have underworld connections. You can prove yourself by taking up a boxing match with the super mutant Lenny. If you have high Karm you’ll need to have a good old fashioned bar brawl with Lenny before Merk will see you.

You can kill the Enlightened One by using guns, injecting with Super Stimpaks or planting an armed explosive on him. Make sure you’re not seen by any of the local police. Killing the Hubologist grants you 2000 XP but you’ll lose 10 Karma.

11) Retrieve papers from Dr Henry

Once you’ve finished the quest to Kill the Hubologist in NCR or fought the super mutant Lenny you’ll have once chance to ask Merk for more work. This time he wants you to retrieve papers from Dr. Henry. He can be found in NCR Downtown. It’s not difficult. Just walk into his office, search his desk and take the Papers. Return to Merk for your reward of $1000 and 1000 XP.

12) Stop brahmin raids

Speak to Dumont, the Chief of Police who can be found across the street from the Police Station. Ask him for work and he’ll tell you to see Roger Westin. When you try to enter Westin’s ranch tell the guard at the gate that Dumont sent you. Speaak with Westin about the job and he’ll refer you to the foremaan Felix. When you speak with Felix you’ll be taken to where the brahmin are being attacked by a pack of Deathclaws. If you have a high Outdoorsman skill you may be able to track the Deathclaws back to their lair.

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