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New Reno is a large town with four families striving for power, the Mordinos, Bishops, Wrights and Salvatores. There’s no police force or mayor in the town. The families mostly keep the peace and send any troublemakers to Golgotha just south of town. There’s also the Stables north of town where Jet was developed by a boy-genius called Myron.

New Reno is split up into four districts, West Side, Second Street, Virgin Street and East Side. If you arrive by the Highwayman it will be missing when you come back. Approach the area where your car was parked and choose to follow the tracks when you’re prompted. You’ll arrive at the Chop Shop and have to fight or pay for your car. Choosing the peaceful option will cost you $1,000.

1) Recover your stolen car

The first time you visit New Reno you’ll park on Virgin Street. A man standing nearby, Jules, will notice the car. If you walk away on foot your car will be missing when you come back!

There’s a few ways to find out what happened to your car. Walk over to where the car was parked and when given the option choose to observe the tracks on the ground. You’ll follow them to the Chop Shop. You can also speak with Jules and convince him to take you to the Chop Shop. You can also speak to the child, Cody, in front of the Cat’s Paw brothel and ask him about the car. He’ll take you to the Chop Shop as well.

At the Chop Shop enter the building and speak with T-Ray at the back. You can either pay him $1000 for the car, less if you pass a Barter check, inform him you’re working for Bishop (needs high Intelligence, Charisma and Speech), or sleep with him if you’re female. The only other options are to sneak into the car and drive off with it but it doesn’t always work, or fight all of the gang and drive them off or kill them.

Once you have the car back you can pay a little extra ($500) for some upgrades which increase the size of the trunk.

2) Find out who was responsible for Richard Wright’s overdose

You won’t be able to speak to the head of the Wright family, Orville Wright, straight aways. Instead speak to Keith in the East Side and ask him for a job. He’ll tell you to see Orville. Enter the Wright Manor and speak with Orville. He’ll tell you about his son who he thinks was murdered by way of poisoning or overdose.

There are a few suspects but speaking with them will only anger them and you’ll end up going around in circles. Instead go back to Keith and ask for permission to investigate Richard’s room. Inside you’ll find an Empty Jet Canister. Take it to Jagged Jimmy J so he can examine it. He’ll find evidence of radscorpion venom. You can also find traces of the poison by digging up Richard’s grave at Golgotha but this will give you -5 Karma.

Now that you have some evidence go and speak with Renesco and tell him about the poison. He tells you that the Salvotores hired him to poison some Jet.

Return to Orville Wright and let him know that his son was poisoned by jet sold by Renesco. When he declares that Renesco is a dead man tell him about the Salvatores involvement to complete this quest. You’ll be rewarded with 2,000 XP, $350, 2 Booze and Shotgun Shells.

3) Suspects (Jagged Jimmy J, Jules, Lil’ Jesus Mordino & Renesco)

Talking to the suspects before you have any evidence will only make them angry. See #2 above for how to complete this quest.

4) Find a way into the Sierra Army Base

If you discovered who murdered Richard Wright then Orville Wright will give you another quest to get access to an abandoned military base to the north. The Sierra Army Depot will be added to your map.

When you arrive at the base take note of the bodies on the ground. The turrets are still active and will fire if you get within range. You can either use a Sniper Rifle or other long range weapon to take out the turrets from a distance or carefully sneak through the group of trees to the left of the center turret. You should leave your other party members behind if you try this and you’ll need a high sneak skill.

Search the ammo crate in the bunker on the west side for a Howitzer Shell and use it on the Howitzer get access to the base.

Level 1

Search the first desk on the left to find a note with the password “TCHAIKOVSKY” written on it. You can use the password on the computer to disable all of the forcefields on this level. Search the lab for Bio Med Gel, Yellow Memory Module and Dixon’s Eye. Dixon’s Eye is used to get access to the elevator.

Level 2

There are Robots on this level although they won’t attack unless you attack first or trigger the alarm. A Cookie can be found on this level. Once eaten it increases your Action Points by 1 for 15 minutes.

Level 3

Once again the Robots won’t attack first unless you trigger the alarm. The computer on this level is sentient and calls itself Skynet. It wants to leave the base and explore the outside world but can only do this if it has a brain. You can find them in the medical facility on level 4.

Level 4

Make your way to the room in the north west with the cryogenic containers. There are four brains here. The one you get will depend on your Science and Medical skills. The best is the Cybernetic Brain. Whatever brain you get return to Level 3 and use the Brain and the Bio Med Gel to help Skynet escape.

Return to Orville Wright to complete the quest and become a Made Man for the Wright family. From now on the other families will become hostile if you enter their premises.

5) Track down Pretty Boy Lloyd & recover the stolen money

This is the first of three quests from Louis Salvatore. After which you’ll become a Made Man of the family. For this quest you need to track down Pretty Boy Lloyd and recover the money he stole from Salvatore. Mason guards the bosses door. Speak with him until he agrees to let you see Louis.

Pretty Boy Lloyd can be found hiding in the basement of the Desperados. He doesn’t have the money on him but you can convince him to take you to where he stashed it. Once you reach Golgotha make Lloyd do the digging or you may hit a landmine. Enter the grave, kill Lloyd and take the $1,000 from the footlocker.

Return to Louis for your reward of $500 and your next quest. If you let Lloyd escape the quest will be considered a failure.

6) Collect tribute from Renesco

Once you’ve tracked down Pretty Boy Lloyd in the above quest Louis will give you another job to collect tribute from Renesco. Renesco can be found in Renesco’s Pharmacy on the Commecial Row. He’s tricky to deal with but just continue to mention that you’ve been sent by Salvatore. When he asks you to think of something tell him that you’ll pay his tribute in exchange for a discount at his store. All of the prices will be drastically reduced, but only for this conversation, so buy as much as you can. Return to Louis Salvatore and give him $1,000 to complete the quest.

7) Help guard the Enclave transaction

This is the last quest from Salvatore. He wants you to guard a transaction between his men and the Enclave. If you’ve learned about the “lightbringers” by talking to either Jules or Father Tully, you can ask him for a Laser Pistol. You can also ask him to teach you how to use it for a 5% increase in Energy Weapons skill.

Talk to Mason and tell him you’re ready. You’ll be taken to an outside location where 5 of Salvatore’s men are meeting with 2 Enclave Soldiers. Just stay still for the entire transaction. Don’t approach the soldiers or try to talk to anyone. Once it’s completed follow Salvatores men and leave. Return to Mr. Salvatore to complete the quest.

8) Find some endorphin blockers to make a cure for Jet

To complete this quest you’ll need high Intelligence and Science skill. Either Intelligence of 7 and Science of 81% or Intelligence of 9 and Science of 76% is needed as a minimum to convince Myron that a Jet cure exists. He can be found in the Stables to the north of New Reno. Speak with him and convince him to talk about a cure. Next head to Vault City and speak with Dr. Troy to complete the quest.

After convincing Myron you’ll get 2,000 XP and after speaking with Dr. Troy you’ll get another 2,000 XP and 2 Jet Antidotes.

9) Bust up Wright’s still beneath the train station

Speak with Ethyl Wright in the Wright manor on the east side about her husband’s alcohol production. Tell Ethyl that New Reno is worse off because of the alcohol and she tells you to meet her at Father Tully’s church in the morning.

Wait until 6am and then go to the church. Speak with Ethyl and tell her you’ll destroy the stills. You can use either Repair, Science or a Crowbar on the stills to destroy them. Speak with Ethyl again and she’ll give you the Luisville Slugger and a few hundred dollars as a reward. The Slugger is one of the best melee weapons in the game.

10) Assassinate Westin in NCR

This quest can only be taken once you’ve finished the quest to Deliver Moore’s briefcase to Mr. Bishop in New Reno. It’s the first of two quests to become a Made Man for the Bishop family. Make your way to NCR and speak with the Sheriff. Ask him for work and he’ll tell you to visit the Westin Ranch.

When you meet Roger Westin there’s a few ways to kill him without drawing attention to yourself. You can use Jet, Buffout, Psycho or a Super Stimpak on him to trigger a heart attack. You can also plant Explosives on him or use Poison from Doc Jubilee’s house, found in NCR Downtown. After completion of this quest you’ll be rewarded with $500 but lose 5 Karma.

11) Murder Carlson in NCR

The second and last quest from John Bishop is to kill Vice President Carlson in NCR. Carlson is old and frail but resides in a high security compound. There are three ways into the compound, either steal a Presidential A+ Pass from Gunther in the Hall of Congress. Show it to the guard outside the compound gate to be let in. The second way is to talk to Merk, often found in the Rawhide Saloon of NCR, and retrieve some papers for him. Afterwards he’ll agree to set up a job interview for you with Carlson. The last way is to Repair the forcefield emitter. If you do it this way the guards will become hostile and you’ll have to fight your way through the compound.

Once inside find Carlson and get rid of him. If you manage to kill him without anyone noticing you’ll get extra XP. Return to John Bishop to become a Made Man for the Bishops. Other families will no longer deal with you and will become hostile if you enter their premises.

12) Deliver 10 Cat’s Paw magazines to Miss Kitty

If you’ve found one Cat’s Paw magazine and have it in your inventory you can ask Miss Kitty about it when you speak with her. She asks you to find 10 issues and bring them back to her.

If you find the magazines bring them back to Miss Kitty for a reward of $500 and a special Cat’s Paw issue with information about Energy Weapons.

13) Deliver a laser pistol to Eldridge

Speak with either Jules, the man who welcomes visitors to New Reno, or Father Tully in the Church about the Salvatores. They use laser pistols, or “lightbringers”. Ask where they get them from but they won’t know. Speak with Eldridge on the West Side and ask him if he’s the one who supplies the Salvoters with laser pistols. He’ll ask for a sample. Give him a Laser Pistol, you can loot one from the Salvatore or do missions for them until you can ask for one. Either way bring it back to Eldridge for a reward of $1500.

14) Deliver Big Jesus’ package to Ramirez at the stables

This is a simple quest but begins but will get you on side with the Mordino family. First speak with Little Jesus and ask for work. You’ll need to pass a speech check. Talk to Big Jesus and if you have Strength 6+ or wear Combat or Power Armor you’ll be hired. Alternatively you can pass another speech check.

Once hired you’ll be automatically sent to the Stables. Walk in and give Ramirez the package and return to Big Jesus for your reward. This opens the path for the next quest.

15) Collect tribute from the Corsican Brothers

You need to complete the “Deliver Big Jesus’ Package” quest above in order to be given this quest. Jesus Mordino wants you to collect tribute from the Corsicun Brothers at the Golden Globes studio. Speak with either one of the Corsican Brothers and tell them that Senor Mordino sent you. They will nervously hand over $200. If you won the boxing fight to become a Prizefighter they’ll give you $250 instead. Return to Big Jesus to complete the quest and open up the last quest for the Mordinos, to Assassinate Boss Salvatore.

16) Assassinate Boss Salvatore for Big Jesus Mordino

Once you’ve collected tribute from the Corsian Brothers return to Big Jesus for the next quest. He wants you to assassinate Louis Salvatore. There are three ways to do it, use a Super Stimpack on him, steal his Oxygen Tank and replace it with a Poison Tank that you can find in the Desperado basement or simply attack him. Use the Super Stimpak or attacking Louis will cause all the Salvatores to attack you.

If you do anger the Salvatores you’ll need to be ready for a fight. Most of them use Laser Pistols and the bartender on the ground floor carries a Shotgun. If you make it out alive return to Big Jesus for your reward of a M3A1 “Grease Gun” SMG. If you choose to join the family you’ll become a Made Man: Mordino and can no longer complete any of the other families quests. The other families will turn hostile if you enter their premises.

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