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The Raiders Camp is a secret area between Vault City and Broken Hill. You can learn about it by speaking with either Wallace, in the custom’s office, or Stark, in the Inner City, of Vault City.

There are many traps around the camp so you’ll need to be careful where you walk. You might enter the camp through the cave or the outside area. If you enter through the cave try not to fall down any of the holes or you’ll end up in a Radscorpion Nest. If you fall down to the nest you can climb back up the ladder on the northern side of the cave.

Make your way to the Raiders Camp where you’ll need to pick the lock on a couple of fence gates. Once inside you’ll be picked off by Raiders with long-ranged weapons. Fight your way to the northern side of the camp where you’ll find three leaders clad in combat armor. Take them out and then search the three footlockers for the three Dog Tags. Examine the dog tags for the combination to the south in the north east corner of the room. Inside the safe you’ll the Account Book as well as other loot.

When you’re done here head back to Vault City and speak with the First Citizen Lynette for your reward.

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