The Trine takes the three heroes into the Forlorn Wilderness where they are ready to start there adventure. By the end of this level you should have enough experience to level up at least twice. You’ll need it because you’ll also be facing your first boss.

Experience Points: 130

Monster Points: 25

Level Secrets: 2

Forlorn Wilderness

Immediately head to your left and pull down the mushroom with Amadeus to drop down the first experience potion of this level.

Run to the right until you come to the rolling log. You can push it into the middle or use Zoya to grapple up to the swinging log above to grab the experience orb above the spikes.

Trine 2 Level 2 Forlorn Wilderness Experience 1Swing up to the leaf to the right for an experience bottle and an experience orb over the next swinging log. There are a lot of experience points in the next area. A bottle a the bottom of the canyon and another one by the side of the right cliff. Use Pontius to break it free.

Trine 2 Level 2 Forlorn Wilderness Experience 2Hit the vine to make the rolling log drop down. You can then stand on it to jump over to the right, grabbing the experience orb along the way. There’s an experience bottle on the palm frond and another orb just to the right of it. There’s also two orbs just before the first checkpoint. You should be able to spot all of these fairly easily.

As you continue to the right you’ll notice some glittering on the floor and experience orbs high up in the air. First tip the lower log to the right to make a plant grow to the right and then jump on the higher log holding the water to tip the water to the left. See pic below.

Trine 2 Level 2 Forlorn Wilderness Experience 3If you want to grab all the experience orbs you’ll need to grow the plant further to the left as well. Either pull the giant leaf across or make a box under the waterfall so it falls further to the left on the second glittering spot.

With these three mushroom plants grown you should be able to reach all the experience orbs in this area.

All of these experience potions should give you the chance to skill up one of your characters. The most practical right now is Two Conjured Items for one skill point.

To the right just below the balcony is an experience potion held up by some wooden beams. Break through them with Pontius to get to the potion.

Trine 2 Level 2 Forlorn Wilderness Experience 4Jump up onto the balcony and break through the beams blocking the door to go into the palace. Jump over the spikes and to the right you’ll see a boulder on a shabbily constructed platform. Lift the boulder up and drop it on the platform to break it.

The potion will fall down as well. Either use the boulder again or Pontius’ hammer to break the wall to the right. As you come outside again get ready for a battle. Goblins with spears will attack. Block with your shield and then strike at them.

There are experience potions on both of the platforms in front of the statues. Zoya can swing up to them.

Trine 2 Level 2 Forlorn Wilderness Experience 5Head inside the palace again to the right until you come to a platform with an experience bottle on it. When you jump on it a bridge will lift up. Place a box on the platform to keep it down. Jump on the box and then across to the bridge.

You’ll see the second checkpoint here with spikes up above and a shooting plant to the right. You want to head up the column with spikes first. Place a box on the ground and stand on it. Place another box and impale it on the spikes to the left. You should be able to jump over to the second box to get the large experience potion.

Trine 2 Level 2 Forlorn Wilderness Experience 6If you want the heart place another box, or the one from the floor, on the right spikes and jump over to it.

To the right use the shield to block the flaming shots from the plant. You can direct them up to the platform above to break it and drop the boulder on the plant.

There are more experience potions in breakable boxes to the right. A goblin will appear here when you grab them.

Use the see-saw platform to get up to the top level to reach the third checkpoint and grab more experience orbs.

Secret 1: Grapple up to the platforms and jump up to the rock ledge for the first secret and more experience potions. Inside is a collectible painting of a red dragon.

Trine 2 Level 2 Forlorn Wilderness Secret 1Continue to the right and jump across the flippy boards. You’ll be attacked by more goblins here, including an archer who will attack from one of the higher ledges. Grapple up to the higher platforms for a heart and experience orb. The board to the top right flips over, dropping down an experience potion.

Amadeus can move the shooting plants so have him direct the next one to shoot straight up, breaking the boards and releasing an experience potion.

Trine 2 Level 2 Forlorn Wilderness Experience 7Use the box to break the boards above the fourth checkpoint and get the experience potions.

Pontius can break through the next two rock walls to the right. As you run to the right a ledge will break, allowing you to drop down and continue to the lever. Use the shield to block both flaming shots from the plants and jump over to pull the lever. This drops a platform down above the checkpoint and allows you to get up.

Head back to the fourth checkpoint. Jump on the platform and up to the ledges on the right to find the fifth checkpoint.

 Right above you is a large boulder and a goblin. You can levitate the boulder to squash the goblin.

Trine 2 Level 2 Forlorn Wilderness Experience 8Bring the boulder down and jump on it to get up to the ledge and grab the experience orb. Roll the boulder down to the right to smash through the rock wall.

There are three mushrooms here and a swinging log up above. Grapple onto the log and swing onto it. Change to Amadeus and swing the log so you can grab all the experience orbs to the right.

Secret 2: Let the orbs lift you up to the rock ledge for the second secret. This one contains a poem about someone’s sister.

Trine 2 Level 2 Forlorn Wilderness Secret 2The sixth checkpoint is just to the right. Drop down and break the barrier to get the experience potions.

A snail blocks your path here. You need to water the ground to make a giant lettuce grow so the snail will move out of the way. Set up the logs as in the screen below to water the ground.

Trine 2 Level 2 Forlorn Wilderness Experience 9When you walk inside you’ll get your first glimpse of the giant snake. This is the first boss and you’ll be facing it soon!

The next room has a mushroom in the center with a goblin archer shooting arrows at you. Take down the goblin and use the mushroom to get as many experience points as you can.

To the right is a lever that opens up a drawbridge, a rolling log with an experience potion next to it and orbs lifting up from the lake.

Trine 2 Level 2 Forlorn Wilderness Experience 10Break the barrier near the rolling log to get the potion. Use the orbs to get the experience points high up in this room. When you’re ready pull the lever and place a box or two underneath the bridge as it opens.

Before you exit make sure to grab the potion on a platform that can be flipped over above the door to the right.

Head on outside to the seventh checkpoint. A large rock is hanging over the edge. Push it onto the goblin underneath! Three more goblins will attack once you drop down.

Grapple up to the top for a cart that you can roll along to avoid the flowers down below. You might want to go down there for an experience orb anyway.

Trine 2 Level 2 Forlorn Wilderness Experience 11On the other side is the eighth checkpoint. Break the barrier directly above it for an experience potion. Goblins will attack from all sides so make sure you have Pontius handy.

Jump across the collapsing and flappy platforms for the ninth checkpoint of the level. In order to get past the next bit you’ll have to learn how to rotate items in the air by using A and D while levitating an object.

Stick the circular pipe in the lower pipe. This will give you the lift you need to get up the side of the wall.

Trine 2 Level 2 Forlorn Wilderness Experience 12To get to the large orb higher up place a box on the air stream and then jump on it over to the orb. Continue on into the Snake Temple. You’ll find the tenth checkpoint just before the big boss fight.

Boss Fight

There are two ways to beat the giant snake. You must destroy all the supporting platforms by either shooting them with fire arrows or time it so the snake destroys them while trying to strike you. Using fire arrows, if you have them, is by far the easiest option.

Trine 2 Level 2 Forlorn Wilderness Boss FightThere are three platforms that you need to destroy. If you go past the last platform the snake will strike you instantly. There is an experience orb up the very top if you have the chance to get it.

At the end of the level a mysterious lady watches you through a mirror.