The three heroes head down into the Mushroom Caves, hoping to take a shortcut to the castle. This is a shorter chapter with fewer experience points. Watch out for the slippery slopes and poisonous gas!

Experience Points: 55

Monster Points: 25

Level Secrets: 2

Mushroom Caves

Head to the right until you come to a poisonous pit. There is a  water plant and sparkly point just to the left of the pit. If you have either the throw hammer ability for Pontius or the explosive arrows for Zoya you’ll be able to break the rocks to access the water to grow the plant. Otherwise you’ll have to box your way across.

Trine 2 Level 8 Mushroom Caves 1

The first secret chest is really easy to spot. You can’t miss it. Just chest sits on a branch just past the pit and contains a collectible poem for the Mushroom caves.

Trine 2 Level 8 Mushroom Caves 2

Jump across the leaves and slide down the slippery slope. Bounce your way across the mushrooms and then over the leaves to the next checkpoint.

Next you’ll come to a spinning platform with spikes and a rock face to the left.

Trine 2 Level 8 Mushroom Caves 3

Place a plank on the spikes to give you some room to stand up or just stand on the leaves. The throwing hammer will break the rocks and make it easier to climb up. Otherwise just box it up and watch out for the fireballs.

Shoot the water plant at the top and jump across the leaves that form to the right.

Make your way through the path in the forest past all of the fireballs. At the end of it you’ll be assailed by goblins once more. There’s a secret path to the top left of this area where you can find some experience potions and a heart.

Trine 2 Level 8 Mushroom Caves 4

Once you’ve taken out the goblins you’ll find the next checkpoint and another water puzzle with a log that acts as a bridge. You can grapple down from the log to a secret area with a large experience potion.

Put a box on the platform to lift the bridge up and a plank below the water to let it flow onto the log.

Trine 2 Level 8 Mushroom Caves 5

This will cause a single leaf to grow high up above the river. Use the platform to get up to it and jump across for extra experience points.

Continue to the right and pull the giant boulder out a little with Amadeus to get up over the next ledge.

Next you’ll come to a beautiful little river with a giant snail. Jump over the snail and slide down to the next checkpoint.

Trine 2 Level 8 Mushroom Caves 6

Jump over the snail and slide down to the next checkpoint. Jump down to the right here for the second secret chest. This one’s a little bit harder to reach than the first chest. There’s a lever in the middle of a poisonous cloud.

Trine 2 Level 8 Mushroom Caves 7

Break the wooden barrier to the left of the poison first and then use Amadeus to turn the blower around and blow away all of the poison. You can then pull the lever which will open the flappy platform, giving you access to the chest. Inside the chest is a collectible painting of an underwater scene.

Make your way back to the checkpoint and up to the right. There is a slippery slope you’ll need to traverse. Use a couple of planks and a box to make it across by laying them over the slippery slope.

Jump over the bouncy mushroom and some more leaves to the next checkpoint.

Trine 2 Level 8 Mushroom Caves 8

Jump straight across the leaves to the right, take out the goblins. There’s another poisonous cloud that you can box or plank over.

To get past the next water puzzle you can actually lift the log up all the way and it will get stuck up. Then just use a plank to let the water flow to the sparkly area on the ground.

Trine 2 Level 8 Mushroom Caves 9

Break the rocks up the top of the leaves to release a boulder. This boulder will give you somewhere to begin planking up the slippery area below so you can get across.

Read the note from Isabel and then drop down the slippery slide to end the level.

After traversing the Mushroom Caves you’ll find yourself in Mushroom Murk.