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Music Sheets are scattered throughout the various levels and villages of the game. Return them to the Bard in the Village for 500 gold each. The Bard already has 5 music sheets. Each sheet represents a song and you can ask the bard to play them. There are another 41 music sheets to find. I’ll list them in the order that you’re most likely to find them.


After killing the first dragon drop down three screens. Kill the skeleton and break the wall to the left. Head to the left for Music Sheet #1.

Make your way to the right, past the next checkpoint and up the ladder. Break the wall half-way up the right side of the screen and go through. Jump across the bubbles to Music Sheet #2.


There are 5 Music Sheets that you can get from the village but only a few of them will be available right away.

For the first Music Sheet in this area walk to the right and take the ladder down to the bar. Walk to the right to the room where the kegs are stored and break the wall to the right. You’ll find Music Sheet #3.

Now walk back to the bar and break the wall to the left. Go through and speak to Mona. She offers to let you play a game for 100 Gold. Hit the potions back towards the targets. If you can score more than 150 points she’ll give you Music Sheet #4.

Head back up the ladder and walk to the right. When you see the lady carrying the buckets of water jump off her and onto the roof. On the roof to the right is a hard-to-see chest and Music Sheet #5.

Once you’ve defeated the Specter Knight return to the village and head down to the bar. Speak to one of the ladies and she’ll dance for you and reward you with Music Sheet #6.

The last one in this area can only be found once you’ve defeated the Treasure Knight, Plague Knight and Mole Knight. Head to the right side to find the Catapult. It’s part of a catapult system between the Village and Armor Outpost. Use the one in the Village to be flung up to an airship where you’ll find Music Sheet #7.

Troupple Pond

Fish off the end of the pier and you’ll find Music Sheet #8 along with a whole bunch of apples.

Pridemoor Keep

The first of two music sheets in Pridemoor Keep can be found by going left from the starting area. Ride the platform across the gap and drop down on the other side. You can dig the building above as you drop down to reveal gems. Music Sheet #9 is on the lower platform.

After defeating the knight and dropping down to a checkpoint dig the wall to the lower left. Head through to a room with moving platforms. In the center you’ll find Music Sheet #10.

The Lich Yard

Once you reach the checkpoint with the group of skeletons and the bomb on the dinner plate climb the ladder. Use the two bushes on the left like a ladder to make it up to the ledge on the top left. To the left is a dark screen with Music Sheet #11 and a ghost. You can only see where you’re going when lightning strikes.

About two thirds of the way through the level you’ll drop down to a large fireplace with two skeletons. To the left is Chester and to the right is a checkpoint. Knock the skeleton helmet on the ledge onto the platform below. When you stand on it the platform will lower so you can get across to the chest. Inside is Music Sheet #12.

Forest of Phasing

Use the Phase Locket to make your way through the Forest of Phasing mini level. At the end you’ll find a chest with gems and Music Sheet #13 inside.


The first music sheet on this level can be found just after the first checkpoint. Dig the wall to the right and hit the rat to make it explode. It will reveal a ladder heading up. Climb the ladder.

Make your way across the burners and moving platforms to the chest. Inside you’ll find gems and Music Sheet #14.

When you reach the area with slimes on breakable blocks with birds dropping exploding potions you’ll be close to the second music sheet. Make your way up the blocks to the right. Try to keep the last few intact. When the bird gets close jump on top of it to bounce up to the ledge to the right.

Run along to the right and break the blocks so you can drop down for Music Sheet #15.


When you’ve completed the Explodatorium Reize will be wandering around the map. When you defeat him in combat he’ll leave behind Music Sheet #16.

Armor Outpost

When you enter the Armor Outpost walk to the left until you see the sign for the hat shop. You can bounce off the sign and stand above it. Jump across to the roof o the right. Continue jumping across the rooftops until you see Music Sheet #17.

Iron Whale

There are two music sheets on this level. Head to the right and when you get to an area with pink tentacles or sea snakes dig the wall to the right with the shell in it.

Make your way across the bubbles to the chest. Open it for a few gems. To get back you’ll need to jump across the pink sea snakes. Stop at the top and fish at the spot of the first sea snake for Music Sheet #18.

Make your way to the next checkpoint and climb up the long ladder. In the room with the four ladders dig at the wall to the left for a secret passage.

Hop across the bubbles, watching out for sea creatures and open the chest at the end for Music Sheet #19. You can take the platform above back to the entrance.

Lost City

When you reach the second checkpoint break the first set of blocks and kill the fire creatures. Don’t hit the second set of blocks. Instead climb up them and jump across to the top of the ledge on the right.

On the next screen use the fire fish and the platforms to jump across the lava to the right. Open the chest at the end for Music Sheet #20.

Continue through the level until you reach an area where you need to turn lava into green bouncy slime. There’s three steps of lava that you can turn to slime. Instead of diving down the hole with the gems jump across to the top of the ledge on the right.

From here jump on the platform and turn the next lava block to slime. Bounce across it to Music Sheet #21.

Knuckler’s Quarry

To complete this level and reach the music sheet you’ll need to have found the Dust Knuckles from the Lost City. Make your way to the end of the level and open the chest for Music Sheet #22.

Hall of Champions

To enter the Hall of Champions you’ll need to pay the ticketer 5000 Gold. Once inside climb up the ladder and head to the left. At the far left end of the room is another ladder. Climb up into the room above. Dig through the left wall to enter a secret chamber. Jump over the invisible gaps in the ledge to reach Music Sheet #23 and a chest.

The second secret is all the way to the right. Climb down the ladder and drop down to the room below. Dig the breakable wall to the bottom right to find a hidden room with Music Sheet #24.

Stranded Ship

Once you make your way to the top of the stranded ship and kill the white wizard on the ledge to the top left walk off the screen behind him to the left. You’ll see a room with spikes and slippery platforms. Carefully make your way across them to Music Sheet #25.

Head back to the right and you’ll see Music Sheet #26. You need to bounce off the bird so you can reach the ice block. Then jump across to the music sheet.

Clockwork Tower

Once you reach the first checkpoint go up the ladder to the room with two workers. Kill them and take the exit to the right behind the second worker. Make your way across the moving platforms to Music Sheet #27.

When you reach the second checkpoint jump up to the conveyor belt above and climb up the ladder. You’ll need to use the Mobile Gear to make it to the center platform and then again to get all the way over to Music Sheet #28.

From the third checkpoint kill the two wizards and climb up the ladder. Drop down through the conveyor and take the exit on the left past the pink diamond. Make your way through the next room and up the ladder. Avoid or kill the two workers as you ride the platform up to Music Sheet #29.

Flying Machine

When you climb up the ladder to the electrified jellyfish drop down and head through the passage to the right before the fans activate. Make your way across to the right to see Chester. Continue to the right and down to find a fishing spot. Use the rod to fish up Music Sheet #30.

Head back to the electrified jellyfish and bounce across them. Climb up the ladder and kill the wizard in the room above. Jump up to the ledge he was standing on and dig the wall behind him for a secret ladder. Climb up to the room above. Use the Propeller Dagger to fly across to Music Sheet #31. Dig the wall behind it for a hidden chest.

Frigid Flight

Make your way through the mini-stage using the Propeller Dagger. Just above the final chest at the end of the stage you’ll see Music Sheet #32.

Tower Entrance

There are two music sheets on each of the first two phases of the Tower. Make your way through the level until you come to the section with the moving floor and roof. When you find the small section of spikes hit the wall to the right to find Music Sheet #33.

When you get out of the tower and cross the bridge in the rainy section stop at the first gap and fish at the fishing spot. You’ll catch Music Sheet #34.

Tower Ascent

After riding the statue across to the right kill the archer and ride the statue up through the gap before the burners. Jump onto the top of the building.

Make your way across the tops of the ledges and use the Propeller Dagger to jump across to the brick wall. Dig the side of it as you’re falling to reveal Music Sheet #35.

As you’re making your way up the auto scrolling section you’ll notice Music Sheet #36 off to the right. Use the Propeller Dagger to quickly grab it before you get crushed and then continue up the tower.

Tower Enchantress

When you fall down the tower to the lava below head to the left. You’ll find the final Music Sheets #37 to #41.

The Bard in the village has 5 Music Sheets so that makes 46 Music Sheets in total.

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