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Tower of Fate: Enchantress

The Tower of Fate: Enchantress is the final level of the game. There’s a very short platforming section before facing the Shield Knight and the Enchantress. You’ll also find the last five Music Sheets here.

When you enter the level break any of the blocks and you’ll drop down to land on a ledge above some lava. The blocks will fly off towards you so get ready to dodge them. Use the Phase Locket to avoid being knocked off into the lava. The blocks break off in the same order every time so if it takes you a few tries you’ll learn the order.

Drop down to the right and you’ll land on another ledge. Walk to the right and platform your way across a few screens to the five Music Sheets. The blocks will only appear as you get close to them. If you fish off the edge you’ll be given the Ichor of Renewal. Make your way back to the right for the boss fights.

The Enchantress (Shield Knight) Boss Fight 

The Shield Knight has been transformed by the Enchantress to look like her. You’ll need to defeat the Shield Knight before facing the real Enchantress.

Shield Knight starts with a quick fireball attack. You can deflect them back to her with your shovel. Hit her with your spade if she gets close or use the Flare Wand when she floats away. She’ll shoot fireballs from all directions, above, below and diagonally. They’ll destroy the blocks when they fly through them.

Occasionally fire will rise up from below. When it dissipates the blocks will be restored. If she’s flying underneath the ledge be patient and wait for her to fly back up again. She can’t really hurt you from down there as long as you dodge the fireballs.

Once you defeat the Shield Knight she’ll fall to the ground and you have the chance to catch her one last time.

The Enchantress Boss Fight Final Phase

Your magic and health will be renewed before you fight the Enchantress. The Shield Knight will fight with you, holding out her shield for you to use as a ledge or to protect you from the fireballs.

The Enchantress appears to be immune to magic attacks so save your magic for the Phase Locket. When the Shield Knight lifts up her shield bounce off it and onto the Enchantress. You should be able to get in three downward strikes before she moves away. Jump in the direction of the Enchantress for a final strike on the way down.

Occasionally the Enchantress will drop down and destroy one of the ledges. Try not to stay directly in line with her. Stand off to one side so you can be ready to bounce off the Shield Knights shield.

Once the Enchantress has been defeated you’ll win the game. Congratulations! If you missed something check out the list of Music Sheet Locations. The adventures continue in the Plague of Shadows, Specter of Torment and King of Cards.

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