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The Village is a peaceful area where you can chat with the residents, buy new equipment and upgrade the Shovel Knight with more health or magic. There’s also four Music Sheets to find.

You can speak to everyone in town. Just stand next to them and press Up. The first interesting character you’ll find is the Bard. He’s lost all of his Music Sheets. When you find them you can sell them back to him for 500 Gold each.

Just to the right you can buy Meal Tickets from the Goatician. The first one costs 1000 Gold and they get more expensive after that. You can redeem the Meal Tickets with the Gastronomer. When you eat the meal you’ll gain an additional Health Point. The Magicist can turn your Relics into additional Magic Points. He tells you to see Chester down the ladder if you want to buy a Relic.

Drop down into the cellar. The Dancer at the bar will give you a Music Sheet if you defeat the Specter Knight. Walk to the right and jump up to dig the wall to the left for another Music Sheet. You can find Chester the relic seller here. The first time you meet him he has the Fishing Rod and Chaos Sphere for sale. Other relics can be found in the levels or back here if you miss them. The fishing rod can be used to collect gems or other items from fishing holes. Look for the sparkles above a pit to find good fishing spots.

To the left you’ll meet Mona. She’s board and will conjure up a game if you pay her 100 Gold. You’ll need to jump and hit the potions into the boards. The ones at the top are worth 10 points. The ones on the side are worth 3 points and 1 point. Play the game until you score at least 150 and Mona will reward you with another Music Sheet.

Head back up the ladder to the village and go to the right. Jump onto the lady carrying the water buckets and then up onto the roof. The last Music Sheet can be found on the roof to the right. There’s also a Chest with gems here that looks almost like the roof.

When you’re finished here leave the screen to the right and get ready for more adventures.

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