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Flying Machine

The Flying Machine is the lair of the Propeller Knight. There’s plenty of jumps to make and falling down is pretty easy. Along the way you’ll run into Chester who’ll sell the Propeller Dagger. This can be used to dash to the left or right while jumping.

Bounce across the Jellyfish and head up the ladders. At the top continue to the right. There’s a breeze blowing across the screen making some of the jumps more difficult. Just to the right you’ll see the first Checkpoint.

Just to the right you’ll face the first Flying Knight. They’re more difficult than other knights and can’t be knocked off the edges. Make your way through the cannonball section and then drop down for the mini-boss fight. The Small Ship can’t be attacked from above because of the blades so hit it from the side. When it slams down and releases bombs you might be able to hit some of them back to cause extra damage.

Head to the right for the second Checkpoint. Climb up the ladder, jump across the gap and then up the next ladder. Swipe the Jellyfish next to you and drop back down. Before the fans power up quickly drop into the tunnel to the right.

Make your way across the moving platforms to the chest with Chester. He’ll sell you the Propeller Dagger which you can use to jump and dash in either direction.

Go down the ladder to the right and fish off the edge to find the first Music Sheet.

Continue to the left and leave this area. Climb up the ladders. Kill the Mage and break the wall behind him to reveal another ladder. Climb up the ladder to find the second Music Sheet.

Drop back down and head to the right for the third Checkpoint. As you walk to the right a breeze will start blowing. If you get into trouble you can use the Propeller Dagger to make it across large gaps. You can use it twice in a row for larger gaps. Climb up the ladder to the fourth Checkpoint.

Make your way up the flying machine and take out another Flying Knight at the top. Fireballs work well to kill him quickly. To the right is the fifth Checkpoint at the beginning of a fairly tricky section. The wind will blow in different directions and there are spikes on the roof. Continue to the right for the final Checkpoint. Break the wall just to the right for a Chicken.

Propeller Knight Boss Battle

The Propeller Knight will dash towards you to strike with his sword. It has a longer reach than the shovel so try to strike down from above. After a few strikes the Propeller Knight will hover up in one corner. You can use the Throwing Anchor to reach him in the corner.

The Knight will summon a ship that launches cannonballs into the arena. They’ll break the ledge making navigating more difficult.

Once the Propeller Knight has been defeated you’ll end up back at camp. After the dream open the chest for a Meal Ticket.

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