StarCraft is a real-time strategy by Blizzard Entertainment which was first released in 1998. StarCraft has recently been updated with the Remastered version. It includes all of the same game mechanics, campaigns and storyline but with enhanced graphics.

StarCraft takes place in the distant future, around the 26th century, where four races vie for dominance over the galaxy. You’ll get to play three of these races, the Terrans, Zerg and the Protoss. StarCraft was quickly released after the initial game and includes new campaigns, tilesets, units and music.

StarCraft Walkthrough

Terran (Episode 1)

Backwater Station
Desperate Alliance
The Jacobs Installation
Norad II
The Trump Card
The Big Push
New Gettysburg
The Hammer Falls

Zerg (Episode 2)

Among the Ruins
The New Dominion
Agent of the Swarm
The Amerigo
The Dark Templar
The Culling
Eye for an Eye
The Invasion of Aiur
Full Circle

Protoss (Episode 3)

First Strike
Into the Flames
Higher Ground
The Hunt for Tassadar
Choosing Sides
Into the Darkness
The Trial of Tassadar
Shadow Hunters
Eye of the Storm