Get ready to go deep into the forest in search of potions and secrets. Stay out of the water here as all of the lakes are poisonous. This is a shorter level with only 20 experience potions to collect.


1) The first secret chest is hidden in the branches with potion 4 and 5. Inside is the Prism of Light which gives 25% more health to the hero wearing it at checkpoints.

2) The second secret chest is also found in the trees with potion 19. Inside is the Health Vial which restores 25% of the hero’s health once it drops below 25%. The Health Vial is reloaded at checkpoints.



Trine Level 10 Potion 1The first potion is Under some boards to the right of the start area.


Trine Level 10 Potion 2The second potion is on a platform where fire-breathing skeletons spawn.


Trine Level 10 Potion 3

On top of the next swinging platform.


Trine Level 10 Potion 4 and 5 and secret 1

Keep heading upwards because there’s two potions and a secret chest in the branches up above the last potion.

5) Next to potion 4.


Trine Level 10 Potion 6Next to the first acid pool behind two small stones.


Trine Level 10 Potion 7On a board in the middle of the pool of acid.


Trine Level 10 Potion 8 and 9Head up into the trees above the acid pool to find the next two potions.

9) Next to potion 8.


Trine Level 10 Potion 10On a ledge above the chest with the Storm Hammer skill for Pontius. You can easily knock it off with an arrow.


Trine Level 10 Potion 11Drop down the gap in the next area with Zoya’s grapple hook to find potion 11.


Trine Level 10 Potion 12On a branch just after the gap.


Trine Level 10 Potion 13 and 14

Continue along the broken bridge to find the next couple of potions.

14) Next to potion 13.


Trine Level 10 Potion 15

Use Zoya to shoot an arrow at the ropes and release the rock fist which will smash through the wall. The potion is on the next archway.


Trine Level 10 Potion 16At the end of the walkway near the spiderwebs.


 Level 10 Potion 17 and 18To the top left of the spider area.

18) Next to potion 17.


 Level 10 Potion 19 and secret 2In a dark part of the forest up in the trees just past a checkpoint. The second secret chest is here.


Trine Level 10 Potion 20The last potion is found in between two spiky balls after climbing up the stairs.

The three heroes are happy to be out of the dark forest and now move into the beautiful ruins of the lost king in level 12, the Ruins of the Perished.