Adventure through an abandoned village called Bramblestoke Village. There’s 30 potions to collect and a few new secret items. Gorgeous scenery and compared to the next level a fairly easy one to complete.


1) The first chest is with potion 2 and 3. Inside is Wolfgang’s Music Box which increases the number of boxes for the wizard by 2.

2) The second chest is found by swinging to the left after dropping down in the underground cavern. Use Zoya to swing across by grappling onto the wheel. Inside the chest is Gem of Resurrection which resurrects the hero once per level.



Trine Level 13 Potion 1Jump off the bridge to find the first potion on a wooden beam.


Trine Level 13 Potion 2 and 3 and secret 1Swing across to the board above the tree house to find the next two potions and the first secret chest.

3) Next to potion 3.


Trine Level 13 Potion 4On a wooden plank above the scales.


Trine Level 13 Potion 5Just before the giant spinning wheel. Use the platform elevators to reach it.


Trine Level 13 Potion 6On a platform above the spinning wheel.


Trine Level 13 Potion 7On the left side of the acid pit below the wheel.


Trine Level 13 Potion 8Under a platform to the right of the first checkpoint. Use Zoya to shoot an arrow at it and push it out from under the ledge.

9) Next to potion 8.


Trine Level 13 Potion 10On a ledge next to a tree house before dropping down underground.


Trine Level 13 Potion 11 and 12 and secret 2Drop down and swing to the left. The second secret chest is here as well.

12) Next to potion 11.

13) Next to potion 12.

Boss Fight

Trine Level 13 Boss FightContinue past the checkpoint and once you reach the poisonous pool a great goblin will come charging at you. Jump over him and hit him in the back until you kill him.


Level 13 Potion 13 and 14On a board above the next platform. Shoot it with fire arrows to break the board.

15) Next to potion 14.


Trine Level 13 Potion 15Behind a stone.


 Level 13 Potion 16 and 17Behind a stone after the three fireballs. Pull the platform over with Amadeus to give you something to stand on.

18) Next to potion 17.


Trine Level 13 Potion 18To the left as you come out of the underground cavern. Use a floating platform to jump over to it.


Trine Level 13 Potion 19 and 20Stand or put a stone on the platform to push it down and lift the gate up. The next two potion are on a board on the other side of the gate.

21) With potion 20.

22) On a ledge directly above the gate.


Trine Level 13 Potion 22On a plank after the Ferris wheel.


Level 13 Potion 23 and 24On a platform just before the next Ferris wheel.

25) Next to potion 24.


Trine Level 13 Potion 25The next potion is on one of the platforms of the next Ferris wheel.


Trine Level 13 Potion 26Drop down to find the next potion in the middle of a small pond to the left.


Trine Level 13 Potion 27On a ledge as you drop down into the next large chamber.


Trine Level 13 Potion 28

On the right side of the same chamber.


Trine Level 13 Potion 29On a rock ledge to the top right.

That’s the end of Bramblestoke Village. Continue to the next level, the Iron Forge.