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  1. Vincel Pug
  2. Incense Merchant
  3. Vincel Pug (Second Meeting)
  4. Entrance to Laboratory
  5. Boat

A suspicious looking character, Vencel Pug, hiding around a corner at the Docks (#1), claims to be a scholar and wants the ingredients for a popular incense being sold by the Shopkeeper (#2).

Head over to the shopkeeper, Vilmos Bartok, and ask him for the formula. He’s reluctant to share his secret so you can agree to take a fake, but similar, recipe, or intimidate or hex him to share the real ingredients.

Take the recipe back to Vencel Pug (#1). He doesn’t trust you and wants to test the ingredients in a laboratory. He agrees to meet you just outside the town at #3.

When you meet Vencel (#3) he agrees to take you to his lab but wants to blindfold you. If you say the deal’s off then he’ll give you the location of the lab anyway.

The entrance to the Lab (#4) is a small cave. If you go blindfolded you’ll be jumped on by his thugs and put in a small cell. Luckily Geralt can’t be caged so easily. If you end up stuck in the cell stand back from the door a few meters and use the Aard sign to blow it open. Quickly run to the chest or wrack of swords to get a weapon and kill the thugs. All your belongings will be in the chest.

If you went to the cave by yourself you’ll meet Vencel and his thugs and have a discussion with him. He’s working for the Salamandra. If you gave him the correct formula you’ll be paid and the quest will be complete. If you gave him a fake you’ll need to fight him and his thugs.

Either way search the cave for loot. You’ll find a useful formula in one of the crates, Formula: Tawny Owl. You can either leave the cave through the Cave Entrance (#4), or take a boat back to Flotsam (#5).

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