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  1. Roche
  2. Nilfgaardian Camp

When you return from the mist and meet Roche (1) he’ll tell you about the Nilfgaardian figurine that looks like Triss. Geralt points out to Roche that it really is Triss and that she’s been turned into an artifact with the Artifact Compression spell.

There’s nothing more to do here so make your way to the Nilfgaardian Camp (2) behind the main Kaedwini camp. As you approach you’ll see a ship sailing away in the distance. Roche comments that they’re probably making their way to Loc Muinne. You’ll follow them there in the next chapter.

There’s only one tent that you can search. Inside you’ll find a song about the Wild Hunt and Shilard’s Letter to the Emperor. This quest ends for now and picks up again in the next chapter.

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