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  1. Gondor and Fragile
  2. Zyvik and Lasota
  3. Madame Carol

Just outside the Canteen (#1) you’ll notice two soldiers playing poker, Gondor and Fragile. You’ll need to defeat both of them before challenging some of the more experienced players.

The next player on the list is Zyvik (#2). He may be in his Lasota’s Workshop but he often likes to walk around the camp. Once you defeat him he’ll tell you about Madame Carol in the Red Camp (#3) just south of the small river.

Once you defeat Madame Carol head back to Lasota’s Wrokshop(#2) where you’ll find the local champion Lasota. Once you defeat him you can choose to take Orens or one of his designs for Leather, Studded Leather or Hardened Leather.

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