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To lift the curse on King Henselt Geralt will need to find four artifacts. One of them is Vandergrift’s Sword which represents death. Unfortunately this is in the hands of Saskia so you won’t be able to get it until you cross over to the other side of the mist.

This quest runs parallel with The Blood Curse quest so you can follow along with that quest and you’ll eventually find the sword.

After crossing the mist with Zoltan you’ll meet Skalen and Yarpen at the gates. Zoltan agrees to speak with Saskia about giving you the sword. You’ll need to go in search of the Dun Banner Standard in the Death Symbolized quest in the mean time.

Once you’re done with that you’ll meet Zoltan in the tunnels. He’s brought Saskia along as well. She’ll agree to give you the sword with the hopes that you can ward off the mist. Once you have Vandergrift’s Sword this quest will be completed and you can continue with your search for The Spear of Destiny.

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