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  1. Blue Stripes Camp

Roche’s Blue Stripes have set up camp just outside of the main walls of the Kaedweni camp. When you walk over there you’ll see them practicing their combat skills. Speak with Mette and agree to take part in the fist fights.

The first challenger is Fenn. Just like the fist fighting tournaments you’ll need to get through a fairly easy QTE sequence to win. The next challenger is Silas. Once you defeat him Roche will join in the fray and challenge you to a fight.

Once you defeat Roche this quest ends although one more challenger will come forwards, Burton from the Kaedweni camp. After you beat him Zyvik will come over to break up the fights and Burton will threaten to get you back later. This opens up the A Score to Settle quest which continues in Chapter 3.

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