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Mission 9: Clearing a Path

[Right & Left Route]

Both routes lead to the same map and the same objective which is to destroy the Gun Turrets along the shore so the GDI Gunboats can past.

Build your base with the MCV right away. Place the Power Plant to the left and the Refinery underneath it, closer to the Tiberium. There’s another Tiberium field over the bridge to the south and another field over the bridge to the northwest.

As you are building your base you’ll be given more Infantry on the southern side of the river. Their job is to take out the two Gun Turrets on the south side. Move them west and take out the Turrets. If they fail then you’ll still have a chance later on to destroy the Turrets with Airstrikes but it’s better to get them out of the way now. Send them all the way to the west to find a crate with 2000 Credits.

You may want to build some sand bags to restrict access to your base from the southwest side. Build a few Guard Towers along the wall to deal with any Nod troops.

Use your Light Scouts to explore the map. There are 2 entrances to the NOD base, one one the eastern side of the base and the other to the north. The easiest way to enter is through the north side.

Send in a few Tanks and Light Scouts to deal with the 2 Turrets and other NOD forces before sending in an APC with Engineers to take over the Construction Yard and Vehicle Airstrip. Either sell them or use the Airstrip to start bringing in your own NOD vehicles and finish off the rest of the base.

With the base dealt with send your forces to the south to destroy the remaining 2 Turrets. Once they’ve been destroyed GDI will send through the gunboats to complete the mission.

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