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Mission 4AW: Stolen Property

[Left Route]

Your objective is to capture the classified GDI property that is being stored in a NOD Base. You’ll be given 2 APCs a Light Scout and a bunch of infantry.

Fend off the initial attacks, 2 NOD Buggies and some Rocket Troopers. Put the Infantry your APCs to carry them across the Tiberium field or they’ll take damage.

Send your forces west across the river and bring out your troops so they can deal with the NOD Infantry. Try to keep your vehicles in good condition for the final rush.

Follow the path west under the cliffs to the edge of the map. Send your infantry north to deal with as many NOD forces as possible. Once the Infantry have been killed you’ll be given another NPC with Grenadiers inside. Move all your forces in one final rush grab the Crate on the north side of the NOD base.

Mission 4BW: Reinforce Bialystock

[Center Route]

You begin the mission with some Infantry, 2 APCs and a Light Scout. Wait a moment for the NOD forces to attack and then group them all together. There are two areas to clear, the path to the east and the path leading south.

I like to clear the eastern section first. Make your way over the bridge and clear out the grass field beyond. Come back over the bridge and now head down to the south. By now more NOD Rocket Infantry should be headed your way. Use your Infantry to counter Rocket Infantry.

Continue clearing out the NOD forces and make your way over the mud road to the east. If you’ve cleared out all the enemy along the way the mission should end once you get to the bridge to the south. If you pass over the bridge you’ll be attacked by a NOD Tank.

Once you lose your Infantry you should be given reinforcements from the western edge of the map. Once the last NOD enemy is killed the mission will be complete.

Mission 4A: Stolen Property

[Right Route]

NOD has captured classified GDI property and is storing it in a crate. You’ll be given an armoured APC to transport your troops through NOD territory and retrieve it. Don’t worry about stopping to kill any NOD units along the way. All you need to do is get to the crate.

Take out the 2 Buggies that attack immediately and then load up your Infantry in the APCs so you can get across the Tiberium fields.

Make your way north to the top of the map, east a little and then follow the path down to the south. By now you’ll be followed by a lot of enemy units. Unload the APCs and cause a distraction with your Infantry while the APCs make a dash down to the south and then back west to the Crate.

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