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Mission 7A: Sick and Dying

[Southwest Route – Gabon]

In this territory the local village population have laid claim to a Tiberium field. GDI forces are also in the area. Your objective is to destroy the villagers and eliminate all GDI forces.

Send your forces south and then west through a narrow path. You’ll come to a town. Deal with the GDI forces and blow up the church for a money crate. Ignore the GDI base to the south for now.

Exit the town on the north-western side and then head to the east. You’ll come to a small base that you can take control of. Repair the buildings and build an Airstrip. Build a second Refinery as fast as you can to increase your income.

The GDI forces will send waves of infantry and a few Medium Tanks towards your base. They may also send tanks along the northern ridge so watch out for that.

Build up a force of a dozen Small Tanks and a few Scout Bikes. Send them back to the town and take down the Guard Towers before moving into the base to destroy the Construction Yard and other Buildings. Once you destroy all enemy forces the mission will be complete.

Mission 7B: Sick and Dying

[Northwest Route – Cameroon]

You start with an MCV and some Nod units. Deploy the MCV and build a Power Plant, Refinery and Barracks. You have tons of Tiberium so build a second Refinery and Airstrip. You only need to worry about attacks coming from the south.

Once you have a battalion of Small Tanks and other units head south and then to the east to find the GDI base. Eliminate all buildings and opposing forces and then continue north to destroy the civilian town to end the mission.

Mission 7B: Orca Heist

[Eastern Route – Orca Theft]

Your forces are split into two groups. You have vehicles on the western ridge and troops and a Small Tank on the path in the east.

Group all of your vehicles on the western ridge and move them to the west. Leave them below the Tiberium field for now. Gunboats patrol to the north so you’ll need to keep them out of range if you want them to survive for long.

With the second group keep the Engineers behind. Move the Flamers down one by one to deal with the Grenadiers. You may be attacked by a Medium Tank which spots you from the ridge to the west. If it comes after you engage it with your Small Tank and destroy it with your Rocket Infantry.

To the south let your tank engage the Guard Tower and then destroy it with your Rocket Infantry. In this base is another tank. Try to take it out and then run over all the infantry with your tank.

Grab the Engineers and take over the Helipad, Weapons Factory and Barracks. Wait until the Harvester comes back and take over the Refinery as well.  Eliminate the remaining troops and bring your other group of vehicles down to help out if you need to.

Once you have the Helipad a flare will signal the northern town that you need to destroy. Send the Orca up there but focus on killing the GDI Rocket Infantry first as that’s the only thing that can hurt the Orca. Once the town is destroyed the mission will be complete.

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