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[Left Route]

Your objective here is to build the Temple of Nod and destroy the two GDI bases. Once you have built the Temple you’ll get access to a single Nuke.

Deploy your MCV where it starts and build a Power Plant and Refinery. You start on a small bit of land between two rivers. Gunboats patrol the rivers to the north and then south. There is a small GDI outpost to the east.

Build a Hand of Nod and then a Turret next to it. Draw the Hum-vees close to the Turret and destroy them with your vehicles.

The outpost to the east is easy to take over. Destroy the Guard Towers and then send an Engineer into the Refinery and other buildings. Be careful of the GDI infantry standing around on the souther side of this outpost.

Once you have all the buildings send two Engineers out through the northern entrance to take the two helicopters. You’ll be given a flare signal of where they can land on the other side of the river.

Send a chopper with Infantry first to scout out the area. Across the bridge you’ll find a Hospital and Power Plant. Take them both over and build a Refinery. Make sure your Harvester doesn’t harvest too far to the north or it will be targeted by Advanced Guard Towers from the GDI first base.

The most efficient way to deal with these two GDI bases is one at a time. Build Sand Bags out to the east and then to the north and south to block off the second base. Next build a line of Sandbags north, along the Tiberium field, to the first base. Stay just out of range of the Guard Towers and build an Obelisk.

The Obelisk will hopefully be able to target all or most of the Guard Towers. Once you have destroyed a Guard Tower build a Sandbag in its place otherwise GDI will quickly rebuild it.

The GDI will quickly rebuild all of their buildings in this mission so you need to take them over or build Sandbags in their place.

With the help of the Obelisk you should have the towers destroyed. Now move your forces into the first base to wipe out all the troops. Watch out for another Advanced Guard Tower to the north west of the base. Send in a Chopper with Engineers to take over the GDI Buildings. There are more GDI Engineers and Infantry outside the north western wall of the base.

Now that the first base is taken care of build the Temple of Nod. Build an Obelisk on the eastern side where you put the line of Sandbags to destroy the build up of GDI units. Scout out the eastern area and find the entrance to the base.

When you have a gathering of units use your Single Nuke to take out the entrance and many buildings of the second base. Immediately send in your units to finish off the second base. Hunt around for any remaining units to complete the mission.

[Center Route]

The objective is the same as above. You need to destroy all GDI forces. They will cheat and replace their Guard Towers and buildings far more quickly than should be possible. Use the Obelisks to help out with your attack forces. Even building a line of sandbags closer to the GDI bases for the extra firepower.

[Right Route]

The beginning area is enclosed by water so just build the basics. You won’t need an Airfield until you deploy an MCV on the southern land mass. You will be carpet bombed repeatedly so place a single infantry unit or silo far to the north to take the hit. Use the Commando, when he arrives, to destroy the church to the south west of your base for a money crate.

To complete the mission you’ll need to destroy both GDI bases and all civilian buildings. Work your way steadily forwards, using the Obelisk trick at the end of a line of sandbags to get closer to the GDI bases. Build sandbags on GDI Tower locations so that they can’t rebuild them. Once you have built the Temple of Nod you’ll get access to a Nuke. Use it wisely to destroy the second base before sending in your forces to take it over.

After destroying all GDI forces you’ll win the mission. Congratulations on completing Command & Conquer!