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Your objective for this mission is to locate an abandoned GDI base and then restore it to working order. From there you need to seek out and destroy all GDI forces.

Mission 8A: New Construction Options

[Zaire West Route]

One of the most difficult missions in the game. Save often and reload if things don’t go according to plan. Move your starting units over to the east and try to draw out the Grenadiers and the Medium Tank with one unit so you can quickly kill it off with the others.

Continue to the east until you come upon the small base. You have no money so you’ll need to sell the Construction Yard. Before you sell it SAVE your game. If you don’t get an Engineer from selling it RELOAD and try again.

Move your Rocket Troopers to the western side. They should be able to target a few GDI Infantry from across the river.

Send the Chopper filled with Infantry over the river to the west. They’ll be needed to protect the Engineers when you bring them across.

Bring over the Engineers and take over the GDI Construction Yard and Refinery. Wait for the Harvester to unload before taking it over.

Immediately build a couple of Guard Towers to protect from attacks on either side. Build a second Refinery and then go for the Weapons Factory. Build Light Scouts and Medium Tanks to first protect your base and then to scout out the map.

When you’re ready send a tank up to the base to the north and break through the wall on the eastern side. Send an Engineer up to take over the GDI Construction Yard and either sell it off or build a Barracks in the GDI Base.

Now that GDI can’t rebuild any of their structures you’re free to go in and wipe them out. Once all GDI structures and units have been destroyed the mission will be complete.

Mission 8B: New Construction Options

[Zaier East Route]

Probably the most difficult mission in the game. Just like 8A SAVE often and RELOAD if you make any mistakes. You begin with a small force of Minigunners and Rocket Troopers. Send them east until you find the abandoned base.

Sell the Construction Yard and RELOAD if you don’t get an Engineer. Train a second Engineer and a few groups of one Flamethrower and 4 Minigunners. Send them south in the Chopper and clear out the GDI units around the base. Once the area is mostly clear send in two Engineers to take over the Construction Yard and the Refinery once the Harvester is docked.

Continue to ferry all your units from the northern base to the new southern base. You’ll need all the help you can get.

Build a Barracks next to the Refinery and then a second Refinery. The AI will target your Harvester with Air Strikes and they can almost kill it off with a single strike. Try to protect it at all costs until you have some Tanks out as the AI should then target the tanks. If you’re Harvester is getting sniped by the air strikes send it back to dock at the Refinery. The Harvest won’t take any damage while docked.

Build a Guard Tower and then a Weapons Factory. Now you should be in a stable enough position to go out and explore the map.

The GDI base can be found in the southwest corner and it has two entrances. The crossings are a bit narrow so you’ll probably want to enter from both directions. There are some Silos just north of the GDI base which can be a good source of Credits if you can get an Engineer over to them.

Once you’ve survived the initial onslaught and have built up an army of Medium Tanks send them into the GDI base to wipe out all enemy structures and units.

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