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Mission 14

Your objective is to cut off the Nod convey and destroy all of their vehicles. You start in the bottom left corner. The map for this mission is shown below.

You can send either your Mammoth Tank or a few Medium tanks along the west ridge to the north to take out the two Artillery in the valley below. Send your Mammoth Tank north and then east to deal with the 3 Artillery units sitting on the ridge.

Bring your forces to the center crossroads and the Nod column will begin moving forwards. They will either come through the path to the north or the one to the west.

The convoy consists of 4 Artillery, you may have already killed 2 of them, 4 Flame Tanks, 4 Light Tanks and 2 Buggies.

There’s also 6 Stealth Tanks that will arrive at various moments. 2 arrive once the Artillery are destroyed, 2 more arrive when you have destroyed 8 units and the last two arrive when you cross the bridge to the east.

The Stealth Tanks will try to hunt down your units or hide in the south-eastern part of the map. There’s also a Stealth Tank to the north east of the map.

Once all Nod units are destroyed the mission will be completed.

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