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Mission 3A: Friends of the Brotherhood

[Sudan East]

Your objective is to take over a GDI Prison Camp to the northwest. You begin with a small army of Jeeps, Rocket Bikes and Infantry. Place down your MCV and build a Power Plant, Refinery and Hand of Nod.

You can only train Infantry for this mission so try to keep your vehicles intact for as long as possible. Move your units up to the northwest to wipe out the GDI. Once the coast is clear send in an Engineer to take over the Prison and complete the mission.

Mission 3B: Friends of the Brotherhood

[Sudan West]

Similar to 3A you begin with an MCV and a small army of vehicles and infantry. Place down your MCV and start harvesting the tiberium to the north.

You’ll be attacked from the north and south so make sure you have units guarding both sides of your base.

When you have around 20 Infantry send them north along with your vehicles to take out the GDI base. Bring along at least one Engineer so that you can peacefully take over the Prison and liberate the prisoners.

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