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Kingdom’s Edge

You can enter the Kingdom’s Edge via a tram from the Ancient Basin or through the City of Tears. There’s no Stag Station in this area which makes travelling around the area a little more cumbersome.

From the tram head to the right and then up to the top of the cavern. Take the exit above to the Royal Waterways. Super dash across to the left and stop about half way. There’s a passage above that leads to a Grub.

After rescuing the Grub head back to Kingdom’s Edge. Make your way to the right and just before the breakable wall you can slam the ground to open a secret. This is really part of The Hive. Make your way through the acid water and into a little section of The Hive. Once you’ve cleared out the bees you’ll find a Grub on a ledge to the left.

Head back to Kingdom’s Edge and through the breakable wall to the right. Jump up the ledges and over to the right to find Cornifer hiding in one of the pipes. He’ll sell a map for 112 Geo.

Drop back down to the water below and make your way directly across to the right, until you reach a little house with a Bench outside. Enter to meet Nailmaster Oro and learn a new Nail Art, the Dash Slash.

Leave the house and head to the right. Continue all the way to the right for the Soul Totem, then come back a little and downward slam through the ground to the cavern below. Make your way through the cavern until you drop down to a room with spikes and a Great Hopper. This enemy is difficult to deal with in such a confined space.

Past the spikes to the right you can rescue another Grub. Just under the Grub is a crack in the wall that you can enter. Go through and use the downward dive a few times until you find the Giant Geo Deposit with 420 Geo.

Head all the way back up to where you fought the Great Hopper and go to the left. Continue up the ledges, killing or avoiding the annoying Primal Aspids along the way. On the right side, about half way up, there’s a door that leads to a room with the Quick Slash charm. Leave and continue up to the top.

Break through the wall at the top, make your way to the left a little and then take the exit above. The path to the right leads to the Dream Warrior Markoth but you’ll need the Shade Cloak (found in the Abyss) to get past the Shade Gate before you can take him on. Head to the left and take the next exit up.

Go to the right, break the wall to the right and go up to rescue a Grub. Head back the way you came, go up, right and then up, breaking the roof, to the Bench outside where you’ll find a Wanderer’s Journal. Equip your charms for a boss fight. Drop down, head to the right and follow the path around to Hornet.


Hornet has far more health for this battle (700 HP) and an extra move. In addition to the dash, nail throw and jumping dash she will also spawn stars when she takes enough damage. You can hit them to get rid of them to clear the battlefield.

The strategy is much the same as the first fight. I found it helpful to use Quick Slash to get in a few strikes every time she stood still. When she spins her yarn or is at the opposite side of the arena you should have time for a heal. Every know and again she’ll stop to take a breath once she’s taken too much damage. If you have Quick Focus you can heal three times before she starts attacking again.

Once Hornet has been defeated continue to the right and down around to the gaping mouth. Inside you’ll find the King’s Brand that will allow you access to The Abyss.

There’s a King’s Idol just below The Colosseum. You can go and pick it up now or head straight for The Abyss.

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