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Now that you have the dash ability from the Mothwing Cloak you’ll be able to access a few new areas. The first is an area in the center of Greenpath, shown in the map below.

You’ll need to jump and dash your way past the thorns and electric bugs to slash the vine holding the large rock on the other side. You can now jump up to grab the Thorns of Agony charm.

Head down to the lower area of Greenpath and dash across to the western exit.

You’ll be attacked by a Massive Moss Charger. It will either charge at you or jump over you. If it charges you can keep hitting it repeatedly until it charges through you. Jump back up to the ledge to heal and then repeat.

Each time it charges you should be able to get in 7 or 8 hits because each hit will knock it back slightly. Once it’s killed it will drop around 300 Geo.

Continue to the left and make your way through the caverns. There’s only one path to take. The dash won’t be good enough for this area. You’ll need to parry strike the Durando repeatedly to make it across the acidic lakes.

Make your way across 2 acidic lakes and then jump up the ledges to find a Grub. There’s more to the left side of the second acidic lake but you can’t reach that area without the Mantis Claw. You’ll find that item in the Fungal Wastes.

Forgotten Crossroads

Make your way back to the Forgotten Crossroads. There’s one Grub that we haven’t rescued yet. Location is shown below. Jump and dash to reach the ledge and then free the Caterpillar.

Make your way down and to the eastern most section. You can now jump and dash across to a new storekeeper called Salubra. There’s a Bench outside her shop where you can rest.

Salubra sells a number of different charms as well as 4 charm notches but you’ll need lots of Geo to purchase them.

Before heading back to Dirtmouth make sure you stop by the Grubfather to receive your reward for rescuing all of those Grubs.

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