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Battle on the Bridge Walkthrough

True Adventurer: 80,000 studs
Characters: Indiana Jones, Willie, Short Round
Artifact: Ceremonial Headdress
Parcel: Regenerating Hearts

Water Chase

As soon as you begin the chapter you’ll need to move quickly to avoid the rushing water. Run down the passage, jumping over the gaps and picking up as many studs as you can.

Avoid the manhole covers as they’ll slow you down when they explode. If you make it all the way to the end you’ll be able to pick up Artifact #1 before the water takes you to the outside.

Free Play:

Choose a character with explosives and quickly blow up the silver bars on the right side of the tunnel. Behind them you’ll find Artifact #2 and a purple stud.

The Cliff Face

Drop immediately off the edge to the right for Artifact #3 and a purple stud.

Pull the lever to activate the lift to the right and ride it up. Jump to the vine, climb up and jump across to the ledge to the left. Stand on the ledge and switch characters to Short Round.

Climb up the vine and enter the crawlway on the ledge. Grab the key, go back through the crawlway and use the key on the mechanism to bring out the platform.

When Indy Jones jump across whip the hook above and assemble the bits into a handrail. Jump up to the ledge above and climb up the vine. Walk towards the back of the screen to enter the next area.

Free Play:

When you enter through the crawlspace switch to a character with a shovel and dig the sparkly patch to dig up Artifact #4.

Cliffside Trail

Head to the right and avoid the trapped pits disguised with plants.

Free Play:

Solve the glyph puzzle to lift up a series of pillars. Jump across them to the platform with Artifact #5.

Drop into the second last pit. This isn’t trapped but has Artifact #6 at the bottom.

Walk to the right and pick up Artifact #7 behind the large rock.

To open the gate to the right you’ll need to find the 3 colored gems by activating the 3 Kali statues. Make sure you grab the Turbans from the Thuggees and wear them when you get the chance.

Have Willie jump up and use the first Kali statue to get the green gems. Take it to the locking mechanism to the right, under the set of three skulls.

Use Indy’s whip to pull down the ladder and climb up to activate the statue. You’ll get the blue gems.

Take it to the locking mechanism and then make sure Short Round has a turban. Grab a shovel by the mechanism and dig up the sparkly patch by the ladder. Smash the monkey head that you dig up and assemble the pieces into a crawlspace. Climb through and activate the Kali statue for the red gems.

Take them back to the locking mechanism to open the gate. Before going through head back the way you came and make sure you still have the shovel.

Dig the sparkly patch behind the tree for a blue vase. Place it on the orange button and Artifact #8 will appear.

Head through the gate to the next area.


Jump across the rock pillars to the one in the foreground for a purple stud. Continue to the final pillar for Artifact #9.

Jump back to the Indy pad and whip the lookout balcony to break the side of it. Jump around to the side of the balcony and head across to the right.

Use the handrails to jump across to the next set of rock pillars. Jump over to the Indy pad and whip across the gap. Break the rock holding the chain.

Switch to Short Round and jump around to the right. Crawl through the hatch and break the rock on the other side. This will lower the bridge.

Make your way across and take a left into the dead end. Run over the grass to reveal a bunch of flowers that look like a smiley face. Artifact #10 will appear in the center.

Free Play:

Just after crossing the bridge break the small plants growing from the hole on the right side and drop down.

Dig up the sparkly patch to find the Parcel. Put it down and blow up the silver rocks on the left side. Inside the alcove you’ll find a box of parts and a sword. Place the box of parts on the green plate and use the sword to cut the chains holding the second box of parts.

Place the second box of parts on the green plate and assemble the pieces into a Mailbox. Deliver the parcel to unlock the Regenerate Hearts extra.

To open the gate at the back break the plants on the right side and send Short Round through the crawlspace. Jump across the rails and grab onto the rope. Switch to Willie and have her grab the rope on the left side.

With both characters pulling on the rope switch to Indy and have him stand on the button when it raises up in front of the gate.

Once the gate opens head through to the final area.

Mola Ram Boss Fight

Take out the Thuggees and when Mola Ram appears hit him until he paralyzes your main character. Switch to another character and hit him again until he runs away.

Fight the next bunch of Thuggees and steal one of their swords. Use the sword to break one of hooks connecting the chains to the bridge.

Mola Ram will come back and you’ll need to repeat this process again. Destroy the hooks connecting the other three chains and enjoy the final cutscene.

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