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The Hunt for Sir Richard Walkthrough

True Adventurer: 50,000 studs
Characters: Indiana Jones, Elsa Schneider, Marcus Brody
Artifact: Crusader Shield
Parcel: Parcel Detector

Venetian Canal

Walk to the corner of the buildings to the right and pull the lever to extend the awning.

Have Elsa jump up to the rope and climb up to the ledge above.

Free Play:

Switch to a character that can break or shatter glass and break through the windows on the ledge. In the room behind them you’ll find Artifact #1.

Jump across the awning and then the balcony to the ledge at the back with the reclining chairs. Walk to the right and switch characters. Pull the lever below to extend the three awnings.

Switch back to Elsa and jump across the awnings to pick up the key on the railing above.

Drop down and use the key on the mechanism by the canal. This lifts up an Indy pad so Indiana Jones can swing across to the other side.

From here Indy needs to break the bars at the back to access the key, then use it on the mechanism on this side of the canal to raise the bridge so the other’s can get across.

Free Play:

Break up the gelato stand to the right of where you found the key and use the pieces to make a crawlspace. Send a small character through to the rooftop. Enter the building to the left to find Artifact #2.

Pull the lever in front of the building to open the gate in the canal down below. Drop down and swim through to another area.

Climb up out of the water and use the whip from the Indy pad to whip down the Parcel.

Break the boards to the left to free the lever and pull it to activate the lift. Take the parcel up the lift and drop it down on the balcony.

Smash the boards to access the side rooms and grab the key from the cabinet in the left room.

Use the key on the mechanism in the right room to lift up a platform. Grab the parcel and drop down to the platform and then the ledge below.

Drop the parcel down, jump across to the right and whip the parcel across the gap.

From here drop down the ladder and mail the parcel in the mailbox. This unlocks the Parcel Detector extra. Return to the canal and continue on your way.

In the main area walk as far to the right as you can and break the glass to get access to the scooter. A series of orange traffic cones will appear.

Ride over the traffic cones, all the way across the bridge over the canal. When you run over the last traffic cone Artifact #3 will appear in the shop.

To continue with the main story solve the glyph puzzle in front of the library to open the door. Go inside to the next area.

The Library

You’ll need to find 4 boxes of bits to tile the center area. Start by assembling the loose bits on the floor by the ladder.

Push the ladder along to the right and climb up. Grab the box of bits 1/4 and take it to one of the green plates.

Free Play:

Destroy the silver grate and go through to the secret compartment for some studs. You’ll emerge out of a rotating bookshelf below.

Box of bits 2/4 can be found at the back of the room under the stain glassed window.

Head to the left side and break the books on the lower shelves of the bookshelf. A lever will appear. Pull the lever to spin a bookshelf around and reveal box of bits 3/4.

Break the flowers in the planters on the left and put the pieces together to make a tiled section. Push the armor statue along until it fits into place. It will reveal the swords in the room above.

Use Indy to pull on the hook at the back of the room. This reveals a spinner. Turn the spinner around to make the spiral staircase.

Climb up the stairs to the top floor and grab a sword. Jump over the handrails to the left and use the sword to break one of the steel cables. Grab another sword and break the other cable to open the bars for Artifact #4.

Solve the glyph puzzle to open the safe and get box of bits 4/4.

Take the box of bits down to the green plate and assemble all the pieces to complete the center tiled floor. Hand rails and a platform will emerge on the top floor.

Climb up the spiral staircase and jump across the rope on the right. Make your way across the handrails to the right side. Stand on the Indy pad and whip over to the chandelier.

It will drop down and smash through the tiled floor, revealing the entrance to the catacombs below.

Free Play:

Assemble the Lego pieces on the right side by the bookshelf into a handle so you can push the ladder along to the right. Use someone with a disguise and knock on the guard post above.

A large secret door will open revealing an inner chamber and soldiers. Take out the soldiers and blow up the silver panels on the wall by the ladder to reveal Roman numerals.

Inside the secret chamber assemble the pieces to make a set of number spinners. Jump on the buttons to change the numbers to the same ones on the wall outside, 5, 7 and 3. Artifact #5 will appear in the center of the room.


Drop down and break the coffin to the left. It should reveal a shovel. Grab the shovel and dig up the box of bits in the shallow water further down the passage.

Take the box of bits and place them on the green plate around the corner. Assemble the bits into a fan and then pull out the crypt. Have Elsa jump on top of the button on top of it to activate the fan and blow away the dust.

This reveals a glyph puzzle on the wall. Solve it to open up the wall to the next room.

Elsa is scared of rates so Indy needs to jump across the grab a torch from the other side. Jump past the torches to light them up. Elsa will be brave enough to walk across.

Have Elsa jump up to grab the rope while Indy pulls on the lever. This opens up the door to the next room.

Have Elsa jump up to the ledge and make her way around the handrails to the ledge with the cages. Indy will swing across.

Have Elsa grab onto the rope by jumping from the ledge. This lifts up the platforms so Indy can jump up.

Whip away the cobwebs and then whip the hook to pull it out and lift up a ledge so you can get to the exit. Use the handrails to jump up onto the ledge you just lifted up and pull the levers to open the gate to the next area.

Free Play:

You may have notice the artifact behind the bars when you entered this area. To get access to it you’ll need to find the 5 skeletons. There’s Skeleton 1/5 in the coffin at the start of this area where you drop down.

Skeleton 2/5 is in the small crypt just to the right of where you dig up the box of bits. Skeleton 3/5 is revealed when you activate the Kali statue.

Skeleton 4/5 is in the alcove to the right of the spiked lever and Skeleton 5/5 can be found by pushing the 3 valves underwater. Pushing them all quickly opens the bars so you can find the final skeleton.

Once you’ve found all 5 skeletons the bars at the beginning of this area will raise up giving you access to Artifact #6.

In the room where Elsa grabs the rope and Indy jumps up the platform you’ll notice that when Else grabs the rope a hatch appears with a timer above it.

Change into a small character and go through the hatch. Dig the sparkly patch on the top level on the right side to dig all the way through to the lower cell. Fall onto the button to open the cell to the left and grab Artifact #7.

In the room with the tiled floors and the coffin push the coffin all the way to the right. Use Elsa to jump up to the ledge on the right and push the box close to the edge without it falling off. Jump onto the box and up to Artifact #8.

Jump back and push the box off the edge. Push it onto the pressure plate on the tiled floor.

Whip the hook under the box to the left to drop the second box down. Push this onto the second pressure plate. Jump on both buttons on the boxes to lift up a coffin.

Push the coffin forwards and have Elsa jump onto it and then across to the exit.

Shipyard Boss Fight

Hit Kazim until he runs away and then deal with his goons. Kazim will run away and jump into a speedboat.

Jump into a speedboat and chase Kazim until you can ram into him a few times. While you’re doing this run over the 10 buoys and Artifact #9 will appear on the central island.

Hit Kazim 4 times and he’ll crash onto the central island. Chase after him and hit him again until he runs away. While you’re here you can pick up Artifact #9 if you haven’t grabbed it already.

Take out the henchmen and jump back in the speedboat to chase after Kazim. Hit him 4 more times until he veers off and crashes into the boat.

Make your way over there and jump onto his boat. Attack him a few times to end the chapter.

Free Play:

Jump onto the docks at the end of the lagoon and repair the crane. Use it to pick up your second character and place them on the upper ledge.

Jump onto the box on the ground, onto the back ledge and then up to the top of the tower. Explode the silver manhole cover and drop down for Artifact #10.

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