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There are 20 Amber Fossil Bricks to find throughout the entire game, one for each level including the Prologue. Each Amber Fossil unlocks one new dinosaur. Many of them can only be found in Free Play mode once you’ve beaten the level in story mode.

Prologue (Dig Site)

Dinosaur: Gallimimus

Near to the monitor with the penetrating radar is a dark cave. Use a character who can light up the dark to go inside and find the Amber.

Welcome to Jurassic Park (Triceratops Recovery)

Dinosaur: Triceratops

You’ll be given this Amber Fossil Brick automatically after the Triceratops breaks through the final wall and the cutscene begins.

Park Shutdown (T-Rex Chase)

Dinosaur: Dilophosaurus

After getting the final Minikit switch back to the driver and drive as far to the left side as you can. Before you reach the cutscene you should run over the Amber Fossil Brick to unlock Dilphosaurus.

Restoring Power (Maintenance Shed)

Dinosaur: Velociraptor

After the walking down the first set of stairs take a right and dig through the dino droppings to find it.

Visitor Center (Control Room)

Dinosaur: T-Rex

There’s a soda machine next to the hatch in the corner of the room. Use Lex to smash the glass with her scream and you’ll find the Amber Fossil Brick.

Isla Sorna (Stegosaurus Herd)

Dinosaur: Stegosaurus

Try to tease the Stegosaurus into swinging it’s tail and smashing the 2 cracked boulders and the fallen log. If not use Free Play mode and switch to a Pachycephalosaurus. Charge into the 2 rocks and fallen log to break them and you’ll be rewarded with the Amber Fossil.

InGen Arrival (Mobile Lab)

Dinosaur: Compsognathus

After pulling the lab to safety the first time jump up the side of the lab using the side handles. On top of the roof you’ll find the Amber Fossil Break which unlocks the Compsognathus.

The Hunted (The Long Grass)

Dinosaur: Parasauralophos

Save all 5 hunters to be rewarded with this Amber Fossil Brick.

Communications Center (Compound)

Dinosaur: Apatosaurus

After going through the gate and before the garage switch to a Velociraptor and track the scent. You’ll dig up some bricks. Put them together to make a blue target. Use a character who can shoot those targets and a regular target will appear on the garage sign. Hit that as well and the Amber Fossil will drop down.

San Diego (San Diego Docks)

Dinosaur: Brachiosaurus

Take out the guards and enter the dark container for the Amber brick for this level. It’s easy to spot and unlocks the Brachiosaurus.

Landing Site (The Landing Site)

Dinosaur: Corythosaurus

Just behind where you assemble the staircase and push it to the left you’ll see the Amber Fossil. You can only grab it in Free Play mode with someone agile who can bounce off walls.

The Spinosaurus (The Crash Site)

Dinosaur: Baryonys

When you cross the bridge made of the plane wreckage you’ll see a pile of droppings. Investigate them and put the pieces together to make a bar that a Raptor can use to swing up for the Amber brick.

Breeding Facility (InGen Facility)

Dinosaur: Troodon

In the first room jump on the desk with the monitor and jump on the monitor. Jump up to the ceiling above and carefully make your way along the beams to the other side. Climb up the ladder and follow the path up to the gazebo where you’ll find the Amber Fossil.

Eric Kirby (The Coast)

Dinosaur: Pteranodon

Once you reach the top ledge of this area walk to the left with a character who can parasail. Sail across the gap to the left. The last Minikit is to the south following a Raptor scent but to get the Amber you’ll need an agile character to jump the fence. Switch to a character with a grapple and pull open the container. The Amber Fossil will be inside.

The Bird Cage (Pteranodon Nests)

Dinosaur: Spinosaurus

After cutting the rope and dropping the crate on the dino bird water the plant to make it grow. Jump up to the top of the walkway and head back to the left. Eventually you’ll find the Amber Fossil.

Welcome to Jurassic World (Indominus Paddock)

Dinosaur: Pachycephalosaurus

Impossible to miss. Inside the small cage as you’re sneaking past the Indominus.

Gyrosphere Valley (Gyrosphere Escape)

Dinosaur: Ankylosaurus

When you enter the forest and are rolling to the right stay towards the top of the screen. You’ll head up a ramp, then make a jump to the ledge with the Amber Fossil.

Out of Bounds (Indominus Escape)

Dinosaur: Indominus Rex

In the center area you’ll need to shoot the 3 flowers. Wait a few seconds for each flower to open and reveal the target. I think they open when a butterfly lands on them. After shooting the third flower you’ll get the Amber.

Under Attack (Main Street)

Dinosaur: Dimorphodon

After building the bridge over the electrified water look for the clothing shop at the back. Slide under the front door and you’ll find the Amber Fossil inside.

Main Street Down (Innovation Center)

Dinosaur: Mosasaurus

Use the access panel to the left of where you start this area to open up a new room. Go inside and stealth past the camera. Use the console to open the cabinet and grab the Amber Fossil.

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