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The Hunted

Head down the hill and spawn in a vehicle if you want. There’s a race starting point just ahead so give it a go if you want.

Continue along the path to find a sick Triceratops. Sarah can examine the droppings to reveal a trackable object. Roland can track it and dig up a banana. Take it back to the Triceratops.

Break the bones by the cliff opposite the dinosaur and have Robert assemble them into a seesaw. Send someone up to the top of the cliff, break the mushrooms and take one back to the sick dino.

The last food item can be found by breaking the rock in the cliff just by the seesaw. Use Nick to break it open and then send Ian Malcolm inside to find the Ice-cream. Take it back to the dino to make it feel better.

Switch to the dinosaur and break through the rocks blocking the path. Head through to the other side and continue along the path.

Use Nick to break the rock by the fallen tree and jump over to the other side. Continue along to the camp and walk through to the other side to trigger the cutscene.

T-Rex Chase

Run from the T-Rex and pick up as much loot as you can. There are 3 Minikits that you can pick up along the way.


1: On the far left a few seconds after the chase begins.

2: Keep to the far right on the second turn.

3: Just before the end of the chase when the camera points forwards instead of backwards you’ll find the Minikit in the center of the path over a log. Jump over the log to grab it.

Long Grass

Save the man who’s being dragged into the long grass and then continue along the path. Use Sarah to examine the droppings and assemble the pieces to make a lawnmower. It will break through the plants and the Raptor behind them will chase off after it.

Next you’ll be attacked by a Raptor. Fight it off by following the prompts. Then use Nick to break open the fallen tree. Walk through the hollow tree of the tree to the other side. Fight off the dinosaurs and continue on your way.

Sarah or Kelly will be able to slide under the dino skeleton. Break the crates on the other side and assemble them into a device to lift up the bones so the others can get through.

Use Nick to open the next crate with his cutters. Little Compys will run out and distract the Raptor on the path up ahead. Another Raptor is attacking a man. Have Sarah take a photo to distract the dinosaur and rescue him.

Sneak around the Raptors and examine the droppings. Put the pieces together to make an icecream van that will distract the two Raptors. You’ll rescue man 3 and 4 before being attacked again. Follow the prompts to fight off the dino.

Another Raptor is blocking the path. Use Kelly to scream and shatter the windows of the truck. Put the pieces together to make a hamburger and lure the Raptor away. Head down the path that the Raptor was blocking.

Take photos of the next Raptor attacking the man to rescue him. By now you should have rescued 5/5 characters. Slide down the path to trigger the cutscene.

Amber – Parasaurolophus

Save all 5 hunters to be rewarded with this Amber Fossil Brick.


4: When you go inside the hollow tree turn left to pick up the kit instead of right.

5 (Free Play): At the start of the level you’ll find a backpack. Track it to more pieces. Put them together for a kit.

6 (Free Play): Near to where you made the lawnmower is a dig spot. Dig it up and assemble the pieces to make a catapult. Turn the crank and you’ll get a kit.

7 (Free Play): Follow a narrow path between the tall grass to find a man trapped by Compys. Use Eric to throw the bottle of T-Rex scent and scare them away. Use the bricks there to build a Minikit.

8 (Free Play): Where Nick opens the crate to release the Compys use a Dilophosaurus to break the rock mound.

9 (Free Play): Break the mushrooms and follow the scent with a Raptor. You’ll find a picnic spot. Destroy the cart and use the pieces to make a kit.

10 (Free Play): Cut down the vines in front of the abandoned truck, pry open the cave entry and then enter the dark area to find the Minikit.

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