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Out of Bounds

Walk forwards and have Zach boost Gray up to the ledge so he can jump across the poles to the other side of the river. Break the tree logs and assemble into a bridge so Zach can get across.

Have Zach fix the blue motor and the gate will open. Head through and follow the blue translucent studs straight ahead. You’ll be attacked by 12 Compys.

Continue forwards and walk up the stairs to the left. Break the bones and assemble them into a key for the lock. The door will open and you can go through.

Parking Garage

Inside the garage you’ll find a sick little Compy. You’ll need to find the food he needs. an Ice-cream, Chocolate Bar and Drumstick.

Break the meat container behind the Compy to find the Drumstick. Toss Gray up on the right to reach the duct. Go through to find the Chocolate Bar. Walk further to the left and fix the blue machine to open the garage door. Go through with Zach and turn on the power. With the lights on Gray can go in, smash up the skeleton and assemble the pieces into a switch. The fridge will open and the Ice-cream will fall out. Feed it to the Compy and he’ll join your team.

Switch to the Compy and have it enter through the green pipe. It will come out on the other side of the fence. Break the items in front of the lift and it will lift the box over the fence.

Have Gray or Zach assemble the pieces and bounce over the fence. To get out of here you’ll need to fix the jeep. It needs a wheel, gas, and a battery.

Break the tyres and plant on the lower back wall and go inside the dark room to find the Gas Cannister. Bring it back to the jeep to fill it up.

Walk to the higher section at the back of the garage and fix the blue machine to open the right green tube. Send the Compy through and he’ll come out in the yard. Go through another green pipe along the side wall and press a button to open the garage door.

Kill the enemy Compys outside and then break the blue boxes by the grey jeep. Put the pieces together into an axe that break the jeep open. Grab the Battery and bring it back to the jeep you’re trying to fix.

Walk to the back of the room and send the Compy through the left green pipe. Hit the button to release the tyres. Ride the correct size tyre back to the jeep and attach it.

After a short cutscene you’ll be with Owen and Claire.


1 (Free Play): Inside the garage to the far left use the security panel to open a door. Kill the Compys for the minikit.

2 (Free Play): In the section where you’re repairing the jeep use a crowbar to open a door at the back. Go inside for a minikit.

3 (Free Play): Outside in the yard search the droppings for the minikit pieces.

4 (Free Play): To the far right of the yard shoot the target. Trach the item and fight off a Raptor for the minikit.

5 (Free Play): Climb the wall at the back of the yard section. Enter the dark cave to find the minikit.

Indominus Escape

Walk forwards and you’ll sneak past the Indominus looking through the wall. Use Owen to cut the vines and go through to the open area. Break the objects and put the pieces together to make bars on the scaffolding. Have Clair jump up them and the Indominus will smash through the wall break it.

Put the pieces together to make a large saw that can slice through the thick vines. Grab onto the end of it to use the saw.

Walk to the left and use Claire to operate the monitor with the blue sparkles around it. She’ll water the vines and soften them so Owen can cut through them.

Put the pieces together to make a vine bridge so you can get across to the left. Walk as far to the left as you can and investigate the droppings to find pieces to make a wall so Claire can jump up.

Use Clair to jump up to the scaffolding above and turn the crank. Owen should automatically stand on the lift.

Owen can climb along the wall and push the box of bits off the higher ledge. Switch to Claire and put them together into a ladder. Climb up and you’ll be attacked by Indominus again.

Have Claire jump over the gap in the fence and grab the bar at the back of the room to open the door on the right.

Go through and Indominus will break through the wall again. Switch to Owen, use the disguise and sneak past the dinosaur.

Break the boxes and tanks and put them together to make a giant bug spray. Bounce on the pad and spray the dino. Assemble the broken pieces into a bar that Clair can slide under.

Have Claire slide under the door and smash the boxes in the next room. Put them together and use them to open the door. Switch to Own and break the vines. The pillar will fall over and you can walk across it like a bridge.

Jump across the poles to the ground and you’ll trigger a cutscene to end the level.

Amber – Indominus Rex

In the center area you’ll need to shoot the 3 flowers. Wait a few seconds for each flower to open and reveal the target. I think they open when a butterfly lands on them. After shooting the third flower you’ll get the Amber.


6: As soon as you enter this area there’s a pile of dung behind you. Search it for the minikit.

7: In the same area there’s a hole in the wall to the right. Go inside for the minikit.

8 (Free Play): Near the scaffolding you’ll find a tracking item. Track it to a plant, water it and you’ll get the minikit.

9: Once you get to the left side of the room with the pile of droppings cut the rope on the left wall and the minkit parts will drop down.

10 (Free Play): On the upper walkway is a rusty gate that you can open with a crowbar. Inside is the minikit.

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