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The Bird Cage

Approach the circular building and have Paul fix the mechanism on the right side of the gate. This will remove one of the locks. Next use Amanda to jump up on the left side and turn the crank. This releases the second lock. Go inside for a cutscene.

Pteranodon Nests

Run forwards along the walkway and cut the vines at the end. Continue right along the walkway and parasail across the gap. Break the crates on the other side and put the pieces together to form a bridge so the others can get across.

Use Amanda to jump up and grab the pole, then swing across the gap. Smash the sign on the other side and assemble the pieces into a lever. Push it to lower the fencing so the other characters can get across.

A Pteranodon is blocker further access. Have Dr. Grant cut the rope holding up the crate. It will crash onto the dinos head and it will fly away. At the end of the walkway Paul can use the grapple to pull down the dinosaur bones. Have Grant assemble them into a bone bridge and walk across.

Walk to the right and break the red and white cart. Put the pieces together to make a rocket. Bounce on the pad a few times to launch the rocket and scare away the dino. Climb up the wall and parasail across to the other side.

Push off the box of bits and assemble them into a trampoline so everyone can jump up. Continue along the walkway until you see some kind of trailer. Break it and put the pieces together to form a diving board.

Switch to Billy and have him parasail from the edge. Sail through the circles of studs while avoiding the Pteranodons. Eventually Billy will rescue his brother from the top of the rock cliff.

Amber – Spinosaurus

After cutting the rope and dropping the crate on the dino bird water the plant to make it grow. Jump up to the top of the walkway and head back to the left. Eventually you’ll find the Amber Fossil.


1 (Free Play): Find and shoot the 3 targets. The first one is around the first corner to the right. The second can be found after inflating the rocket and heading to the right on the lower level. The third can be found at the very end of the level after building the diving board. Continue along the walkway to the right until you see it.

2 (Free Play): Inside a dark cave after you swing across the poles.

3 (Free Play): Use a crowbar to open the yellow container after the first Pteranodon.

4 (Free Play): After inflating the rocket send a Compy through the small green pipe. Solve the maze and break the lego cage for the minikit.

5: Continue past the diving board and break the lego at the end of the walkway to find the Minikit.

6: While parasailing down to the rocks platform look to the right of the screen for this Minikit.

The Spinosaurus Showdown

Destroy the crates to the left and put the pieces together to make the cannons. You’ll still need to find the ammo so scare away the compys guarding the dig spot and dig it up for more pieces. Put them together to complete the cannons.

Use the cannons to destroy the 4 buoys in the water for a Minikit an then shoot the barrels in front of the Spinosaurus to cause an explosion.

Switch over to Paul Kirby and jump across the platforms to the building. Climb up the ladder and pull the hook off from the contraption with the barrels. They’ll roll into the water.

Switch back to the other group and use the cannons again to destroy the barrels. Switch back to Paul and assemble the pieces that fell off from the house. Use the trampoline to jump up and get inside the crane. Use it to pick up the barrels from inside the small house and hover them over the Spinosaurus.

Switch back to the other group and shoot the barrels one last time. You’ll get a cutscene and complete the movie.


7: (Free Play): To the bottom left you’ll find a scent. Use a Raptor to track it and you’ll find the Minikit in a box.

8: Shoot the 4 buoys in the water.

9 (Free Play): Once you’ve made it to the station walk over to the right and go through the hatch.

10: Once you are in the crane get out and jump to the top of the roof. Put the Lego pieces together to make a sea creature and you’ll get the last Minikit.

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