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Raptor Research Arena

You begin the scene with Owen Grady and Barry trying to help the crane operator free the stuck pig. Break the crates near the cliff to the left and build a climbing wall. Owen can climb the wall and use his knife to cut the rope.

The cage will fall on the truck and break it. Assemble the broken truck into some kind of a cannon. Switch to Barry and track the candle to a pile of pieces that form a birthday cake when assembled. This will lure the pig out of the large blue bin. Ride the pig back to the cannon.

Use Barry to grapple onto the back of the cannon to lift the front up. The pig will go flying into the Raptor enclosure.

Climb up the ladder and take a look at the equipment. You’ll need to assemble it into something useful. Cut the ropes on the frame under the left and right lights. Then grapple down the center light. Assemble all the pieces into a blue target. Barry can shoot the target to power the cages down below.

You’ll now be in control of two of the Raptors. Use both of them to pull out the two bars. This activates the blue targets above. Switch to Barry and shoot the two blue targets to release the Raptors.


1: Head to the right side of this yard and break the crate near the tent. Build the pieces to make a Minikit.

2 (Free Play): Hack into the station inside the large tent.

3 (Free Play): Use the crowbar on the back of the truck.

Raptor Tracking

Jump over the log to the right and break the pile of tyres. Assemble them to make a trampoline and jump up to the walkway above. Head to the right and drop down into the next yard.

Break the blue boxes and assemble the pieces into a bar that the Raptors can jump up to and swing over. I find this bar doesn’t work well on the PC version and you have to try and glitch your way up to the higher ground.

Hopefully your version of the game works well. If not, jump up to the bar, immediately attack, walk forwards and jump. After a few attempts the Raptor should stay on the higher ground. You’ll need to do this for both Raptors.

Head across the small river and you’ll see the pig running away again. Once again break the blue boxes and assemble them into a bar. Stand back a little way and target it with a Raptor. You’ll grab onto it and break it, revealing the bar that you can flip over.

Leap over the bar to the next highest area. Walk to the right and have one Raptor enter the fenced off room. The second Raptor can break the mechanism next to it, assemble the pieces and pull the switch.

One gate will open and the other close. The first Raptor can walk into the next fenced off area to the right. Have it pull the second Switch to open the other gate so the second Raptor can enter as well. Stand on the two Buttons to open the gate to the next outdoor area.

Follow the scent and the pig will run away again. Have one Raptor stand on the lift and the second can put the pieces together to make a switch. Pull the switch to lift the first Raptor up. The first Raptor can then break the plants to the right so the second Raptor can use the bar to leap up.

The pig will run out to an arena. Break the large blue bin and assemble the pieces into a switch. Have both Raptors pull the switches and the large gate to the arena will open. Enter and follow the scent by the piece of cake to the right.

When the pig runs out a cutscene starts and you’ll take control of Owen and Barry. Have Owen investigate the pile of droppings to the left, then put together the pieces to make a blue target. Use Barry to shoot the target and energize the center mechanism.


4: After building the trampoline out of tyres you’ll see the Minikit behind the fence. Go inside and pick it up.

5 (Free Play): Use a Dilophosaurus to smash open the black rock in the next area.

6: In the arena where all the Raptors are hunting for the pig, destroy the dynamite and assemble the pieces. Have a Raptor pull the switch, then assemble the pieces into a Minikit.

Indominus Paddock

Walk to the right and have Supervisor Nick use the monitor on the wall with the blue sparkles around it. A console will come out of the wall. Use the console to lower down the ladder and climb up.

Walk down the stairs and drop down on the other side. Owen can dig through the pile of droppings and find some pieces. Put them together to make hand holds on the wall. Have Owen climb the wall to the other side of the fallen tree.

Break the vines on the tree and it will fall over letting the other characters across. Supervisor Nick has a wrench. Have him fix the blue machine and then jump on it to pump water into the pool. Jump across to the other side.

After the cutscene continue along the path until you reach the door in the wall. Switch to Handler Ellis and use the Stun Rod to power it up.

The Indominus is alerted to the sound and grabs Ellis. Use Owen and put on the camouflage. Sneak past the dinosaur and dive into the pile of poop on the other side. Put the pieces together to make a mechanicl rabbit. It will hop away and distract the dino.

There’s an easily accessible Amber Fossil in the small cage. Have Supervisor Nick use the monitor and lower the cage bars.

Grab the Amber brick and head to the other side. Use the next monitor on the wall to bring out hand holds. Climb up to the top of the room above. Let Owen break the rope and the crate will fall down. Put the pieces together to make food for the Indominus. When it gets distracted by the food head towards the large door.

Supervisor Nick can use the panel and unlock the door. Head outside to complete the level.

Amber – Patchycephalosaurus

Impossible to miss. Inside the small cage as you’re sneaking past the Indominus.


7 (Free Play): To the right of the ladder there’s a trench. Use a dinosaur to break the rock at the end of it. Go through and use the hacking station to reveal an equation. Solve it and build the Minikit.

8 (Free Play): In the same room as #7. Stand one character on the lift while a Compy goes through the green pipe and presses a button. The lift will raise and you can grab the kit.

9 (Free Play): There’s a dark cave on one of the walls. Go inside with someone who can see in the dark and destroy the skeleton bones. Put them together to make a lamp. Grapple the hook on the back wall and use the pieces to make a Minikit.

10 (Free Play): Use someone with a camera and take photos at three camera locations around the enclosure.

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