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San Diego Docks

After the cutscene you’ll be playing as Ian Malcom and Sarah Harding. Walk to the left and pull the reporter from the rubble. You need to rescue 3 characters. This is the first. Put the bricks together and jump from the poles to the next section of the pier.

Break the white box under the crane to find a crank. Use the crank on the crane and turn it around to move the cargo around. It will drop by the broken section of the ship. Assemble the pieces into a bridge that leads to the ship. Use Malcolm to walk across and climb up the ladder.

Break the boxes and assemble a ladder up to the larger crane. Move it around until it lifts up the blue container from the trapped character. Jump onto the blue container and down to the pier. Continue across to the left, using the blue container in the ocean to make it across the gap.

Use Sarah to grab the bar on the side of the ship and pull down a ladder. Climb up to the ship and take out the guards.

Break the objects and assemble a platform so you can jump up to the left. Turn the wheel on the door and enter the bridge. Malcolm can look at the board to figure out the equation. Pieces will fall out. Use them to complete the door to the right and head outside.

Smash the objects and put them together so Sarah can jump over the bar into the central section. She can jump back out again a bit further along. Push the cargo back so Malcolm can get out.

Take out the guards and enter the dark container for the Amber brick for this level. It’s easy to spot and unlocks the Brachiosaurus.

Walk to the left, break the planks and have Sarah jump up to the level above. After the cutscene you’ll be in the city streets.


1 (Free Play): With someone who can scream walk to the right at the start of the level and break the glass.

2: After saving the second person, jumping onto the boat and making your way to the left jump back off the boat and onto the pier. You’ll see a guard trapped under a truck. Pull him out to receive the kit.

3 (Free Play): At the end of the pier is a cage. Use someone with a Crowbar to open it.

4: After collecting the previous kit jump across the poles to the side of the ship. Carefully make your way across the thin ledge and hand holds to this kit.

5 (Free Play): Use Hammond to open the control panel before entering the bridge. This opens the side door. Switch to Jophery and power the generator for the kit.

6 (Free Play): From the fifth kit switch to Barry and shoot the blue target.

7 (Free Play): After the sixth minikit walk to the right and use a small character to go through the hatch to the upper floor. Switch to someone with a Wrench and repair the horn for the kit.

San Diego Streets

Switch to Sarah and feed the T-Rex drumsticks by throwing them in his mouth when he roars. Eventually you’ll make your way to the warehouse and complete the movie.


8: Throw 3 drumsticks into the mouth of the T-Rex while driving.

9: After completing number 8 switch to the driver and stay on the left side of the road (screen).

10: After number 9 the camera will turn around and you’ll see where you’re going. Hold the car to the right side of the road (screen) and you’ll run over the final Minikit.

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