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InGen Arrival

You’ll begin by the mobile lab. There are two paths, one heading off to the left and one straight ahead. To the left you can spawn in a vehicle and take part in a race. The path to the left takes you back to a hub area by the lake.

If you want to continue the story continue forwards at the intersection. When you get to the river jump up the hand holds on the side of the cliff. Use Nick Van Owen to break the boulder and it will smash at the base of the cliff. Assemble the pieces to make poles that you can jump across.

Have Eddie Carr shoot the target and the vine will dangle down. Swing across to the other side. Have Sarah jump into the droppings and reveal a bunch of pieces. Put them together into a trampoline and jump up to the next area.

InGen Camp Dino Rescue

After sliding down into the camp fight off the hunters and use Nick to open the first dinosaur cage. It looks pretty sick. Sarah can examine the droppings to find out what’s wrong with it. You’ll need to feed it a Mushroom, Banana, and Ice-cream.

Take out a few more hunters and continue into the camp. Investigate another pile of droppings and you’ll find the Ice-cream. Take it to the dinosaur and then come back to the camp.

Break the chain by the bowl over the fire and put the pieces together. Turn the crank to tip over the bowl and take the Mushroom back to the sick dino.

Have Nick open the container with the crowbar. Inside you’ll find a Banana. Run or ride the buggy back to the dino and give it the last bit of food. Now that it’s feeling better you can control it. This is a Pachycephalosaur.

Run the Pachy into camp and take out the Hunters. Charge into the containers to explode them and clear the path. on the other side smash into the cracked rock so the characters can build steps up to the next area. The Pachy will chase off the rest of the guards.

In the next area you’ll need to rescue a few more dinosaurs but you’ll be attacked by hunters first. Take them out and then use Sarah to jump up to the bar by the Stegosaurus cage. The door will open and the Stegosaurus will be free. Switch over to it and kill the rest of the Hunters.

Use the Stegosaurus to smash open the cage with the baby Stegosaurus and they’ll both walk back into the forest together. Sarah can investigate the baby stegosaurus droppings and find a key. Approach the Triceratops cage and use the key to release them.

The triceratops can smash into both sets of lights on either side of the tent. Reassemble the pieces into traffic lights and the triceratops will smash through the tent.


1 (Free Play): Use a character with a stun wand to charge up the 3 spotlights.

2: Using Sarah or another agile character jump to the bed of the truck and onto the top of the cage for the kit.

3 (Free Play): Use a Dilophosarus and destroy the 3 black blocks.

4 (Free Play): In the top area the cage on the right has a panel. Open it and break the cracked block for the kit.

5: Dig through the stegosaurus droppings.

6 (Free Play): Break boxes near Ludlow’s tent at the end of camp. Go through the small hatch into the tent and sneak around for the kit.

7 (Free Play): Once you release the baby and mother stegosaurus they’ll crash through the forest. Following the path you’ll see a group of Compys. Use Eric Kirby to scare them off with the T-Rex scent and then Dr. Sattler can grow the plant for a kit.

Mobile Lab

Climb up the rope and dodge the falling items by leaning to the left or right. When you get the cutscene switch to Eddie Carr. Grab the item under the mobile lab and track it to reveal a bunch of items. Assemble them and the attach the winch to the mobile lab.

Hop in the car and drift to the left or right to keep the car centered. Once the lab is secure switch back to Malcolm.

Continue climbing up the rope while avoiding the falling objects. Once you get to the next cutscene switch back to Eddie.

The winch at the front of the car is broken. Fight off the Compys if you need to and then repair the winch. Hop into the car and drift left or right as before to keep the car centered. Switch back to Ian Malcolm.

Make one last climb up the rope. Before you can reach the top the T-Rex appears and smashed the car and lab over the cliff. Luckily you’re still holding onto the rope!

Amber – Compsognathus

After pulling the lab to safety the first time jump up the side of the lab using the side handles. On top of the roof you’ll find the Amber Fossil Break which unlocks the Compsognathus.


8: As you’re climbing up through the mobile lab a Minikit will fall down. Lean towards it to pick it up.

9 (Free Play): There are 3 dig piles in the area. One of the has the ninth kit.

10 (Free Play): On the left is a scent cloud for a Raptor. Follow it to a plant which Dr. Sattler can grow for the kit.

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