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A Mother’s Love is the main case in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. It begins at the start of the game and ends when you complete the game. When you get stuck you’ll need to complete one of the other main quests until Holmes remembers more information.

At the Hotel

The case begins immediately after the cutscene. Enter the hotel and speak with the receptionist. Sign the book in front of him to check out your room which is number 221. You can go up to try and enter your room but it’s still being cleaned.

Walk up to the barkeep and talk to him. Interact with the trays of food on the counter.

Walk back to the base of the stairs and talk to Jon who’s by a sign advertising a Medium. Once you talk to Jon an artist will walk down and do a sketch of you.

After talking to the artist talk to Jon again. Then grab the food tray from the bar and take it over to Jon who’s sitting at a table. Someone has left their cane behind. Jon challenges you to find the owner.

Take a closer look at the cane. There are 3 clues, the ebony, the gold crest and the handgrip. Pick up the cane from the table and go to your Casebook. Take a look at “The Lost Cane” objective and pin it. Now that you have it pinned you can ask other guests about it.

Talk to the other guests until one of them tells you they saw a Navy Officer with the owners of the cane. Walk outside and take a look at the people. The retired navy officer is on the left side closest to the gate. Talk to him to find out the owners of the cane are inside talking with the Medium.

Enter the hotel and walk past the sign by the stairs. Go through the white door to begin the Ghosts of the Past case. A Mother’s Love will be put on hold until you finish Ghosts of the Past.

>>> Case: Ghosts of the Past <<<

After completing Ghosts of the Past you’ll be outside the front of the hotel. Talk to the man by the carriage and you’ll be taken to the cemetery.

The Cemetery

You’ll need to pin “Remembering the Funeral” or you won’t be able to see the clues. Use concentration mode to see the man standing next to Jon. And then the boy walking away to the left.

Follow the path along to the third spot by the iron gate and go through the gate to your mother’s grave. Take a look at the grave to see the engraving, the candles and the pocket watch. Turn the pocket watch around until you can see the initials inside.

Pin the clue “Mysterious Visitor” and use concentration mode to inspect the footprints around the grave. Follow them to a bike track and then follows the tracks around to the left. You’ll find the bike parked by a wall.

Inspect the bike to find three clues, the photo of an old tree, green paint and leather straps.

Continue to the end of the cemetery with the old tree and you’ll see the artist you met earlier in the hotel. His named is Vogel. Have a chat with him and then leave the cemetery.

Police Station

You are now free to wander around and explore the city on your own. Three locations will be marked on your map, the Cordona Chronicle Newspaper, Police Station and City Hall.

A good place to start looking for more information on Sherlock’s mother’s death is the Police Station. Head over there and go inside. The next case will begin.

>>> Case: The Master of Disguise <<<

Complete the case and then go to the police archives. Have “Vogel’s Story” as the evidence and then select “Crimes – Violent Crimes”, “Subjects – Victims”, and “Districts – Grand Saray”.

The case files have been taken so we’re still at a loss as to what happened to Sherlock’s mother. We’re going to look for Sherlock’s old home instead.

Stonewood Manor

You’ll complete some basic police training to get you used to the combat mechanics. The entrance to Stonewood Manor is on Leblanc Rd in northwest Grand Saray. You can either go there yourself or wander around and ask people for directions.

Once you arrive take a look at the gazebo. Inside you’ll find a sword, money bag and a dummy with handcuffs.

Pin “Remembering My Past” to the screen and use concentration to examine the entrance of the manor. Enter the manor and take a look around. Interact with all the objects and then attempt to remember the events of the day.

  1. Old man putting hat on the hat stand
  2. Mycroft sorting out the luggage
  3. Sherlock helping his mother upstairs

After getting the imagination right Sherlock’s room upstairs will be unlocked. Go upstairs and take a look.

Sherlock’s Room

Interact with all of the objects and investigate all of the clues. In one of the drawers you’ll find a Doorknob under a bit of paper. Pin the “Wooden Handle” clue to your screen, then use it to open the cabinet next to the door. Inside you’ll find two more clues.

Inside the chest at the end of the bed you’ll find some old toys and near to it on the floor you’ll see a model hot air balloon. This reminds Sherlock of a neighbour who had a real hot air balloon.

Open up the Mind Palace and connect “Missing Records” with “Friendly Neighbour”. Track the new objective “Looking for a Family Friend”. Leave the manor and head down the street to the right. You should be able to spot the air balloon over one of the properties.

Enter the house with the hot air balloon and a new case will begin, A Gilded Cage.

>>> Case: A Gilded Cage <<<

Pin “Fragmented Memory” to the screen and head back to Stonewood Manor. Go up the stairs to the study and use concentration mode to examine the white outline. Follow the memory down the stairs and then back up again to Violet’s door.

Enter into the room and interact with all of the clues. Look at the painted picture, the medicine cabinet, the table, the drawings, bed, bathtub and flowers. Once you have the small bottle of liquid perform a chemical analysis on it to find out what it is.

Jon has a small challenge for you. Pin “A Match Started Long Ago”. Move the white bishop two squares diagonally to the left to checkmate the black king.

Pin “Morning Mania” to your screen and take a look around at the white outlines in concentration mode. Once the clues have been discovered interact with the sparkle to start imagination mode.

  1. Mycroft with his hands up protecting against the smashed plates
  2. Violet aggressively turning over the table
  3. Sherlock huddled in the corner with his hands on his head

Once you get it right you’ll hear someone downstairs. Go down to see who is the visitor.

He appears to be a sailor. Analyze him for clues. The correct description is “Artist disguised as a sailor”. He’s been sent by Verner Vogel to invite you to visit his gallery. The Gallery can be found in Old City. You can ask people in the area for clues to its exact location.

Once you arrive at the gallery The Muse from Abroad case begins. You’ll need to complete it before continuing with the main case.

>>> Case: The Muse from Abroad <<<

Cabinet of Curiosities

Return to Stonewood Manor and you’ll find an agent of your brother Mycroft waiting for you. He asks you to help your brother on a case. Love, Death and Cordona. Agree or tell him you’re busy. This is an optional case.

Outside the front of the house you’ll spot a large box. Inside is a skeleton statue. Interact with it to trigger another memory.

Go inside, pin “Fragmented Memory” to your screen and look around the lobby in concentration mode. Once you’ve found all the clues the Cabinet of Curiosities on the right side of the lobby will unlock.

Go inside and take a look at all the clues. There’s lots to interact with in here.

Once you’ve explored the room and all the clues pin Jon’s challenge “The Master of Unlocking” to the screen. Follow the tracks upstairs to the fireplace. Interact with the fireplace to find a Key.

This key can be used on the locked drawer downstairs. Go back downstairs to the Cabinet of Curiosities and unlock the drawer. Inside you’ll find three more clues.

Pin “Accident in the Cabinet of Curiosities” to the screen and use concentration to examine the three areas with white outlines. Begin the imagination sequence to pin together what happened.

    1. Sherlock looking in a drawer
    2. Jon sneaking by the skeleton
    3. Mycroft confronting the doctor

While you’ve been figuring things out someone has delivered a parcel next to the front door. Go and check it out to start the next case, Sacrificial Lamb”.

>>> Case: Sacrificial Lamb <<<

The Garden

Enter the manor and speak to Jon at the back door. When you tell him “I have to finish this” and go outside you won’t be able to free-roam around the city anymore.

Walk towards the pond and head around to the right. You’ll see a vision of your mother and then she’ll vanish. Walk up to where you saw her and examine the teacup. In the flashback walk up to the table and pick up the small bottle.

Back in the garden walk around to the gazebo. Examine the book for clues and you’ll be taken into another flashback. Pick up the item on the desk and walk towards the center of the room.

Back in the garden you’ll be in a scene with your mother. Wheel her around the pond in the wheelchair. Eventually there will be an altercation and you’ll be in the Mind Palace with a choice of four possible solutions.

Whatever you choose you’ll be in the final cutscene. There is no right or wrong ending, it depends on your interpretation of events. Once the final cutscene has played out you’ll be back at the main menu.

If there’s something you missed you can load up the last manual save before the garden and continue free-roaming around the city.

Congratulations on completing Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. Return to the main page of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One to have a look at the other cases.