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After you finish the main case A Gilded Cage visit the Cordona Chronicle and Ms. Sertel, the Editor-in-Chief will give you the case.

You are given the location of 3 warehouses but only one warehouse is the correct one. To find the right warehouse you’ll need to go and see Top-Hat Jones. He can be found on the north side of the Finch Cannery in Silverton. Before you talk to him you’ll need to look like one of the gang members.

Read “Instructions for a Good Cover” in the casebook for instructions on how to look like one of the gang members, Ugly Face Billy. His obituary should be in the recent news from Silverton.

Go to the Cordona Chronicle and search for “Period – Recent”, “Section – Obituaries” and “Districts – Silverton”. You’ll be shown a picture of William Hart.

Go to a Clothing Trader if you need clothes and then dress yourself up with the Street Brawler shirt, regular hair, no moustache and Scarred Face.

Head around to the back of Warehouse 2 and you’ll see a guy with a top hat and a line of people waiting to talk to him. Just walk up and start a dialogue with him.

He won’t say much but he does confirm that Warehouse No. 2 is in fact the right warehouse. Enter and kill or arrest all the enemies. Try to keep the final enemy, Friedrich Panzer, alive. He’ll attack you by himself at the end and is wearing heavy armor with a shotgun.

Either way return to the Cordona Chronicle to let Ms. Sertel know you’ve finished the case.

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