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Ghosts of the past starts automatically when you enter the séance room during “A Mother’s Love”. After the conversation take a moment to observe the owner of the cane.

Look at his face, ring, knuckles and clothes to get all the clues. After observing him you can choose a characteristic. In this case he is a “Bored British nobleman”.

Next look at all the clues in the room and talk to the Medium and hotel staff. Open the Mind Palace and start making your deductions. Combine “The Lady pointed across the table” with “Lady Craved faced the window”. This will give you the clue that there was a witness outside in the courtyard.

Enter the yard and look by the window to see a broken heel on the ground. Pick it up and rotate it around. Pin the objective “Someone in the Courtyard”. Use concentration and follow the tracks through the door.

Interact with the shoe in the next room. Take a look at the lace and the heel. Pin “Someone in the Courtyard” and go through the door to the lobby entrance.

Begin speaking to the maids until one of them tells you the name of the maid is Lucia. She’s on the upper floor by room 225. Head upstairs and talk to Lucia.

Tell her that you’re either “solving a crime” or “writing a book” and she’ll give you the information you need.

Go back to the séance room and interact with the sparkle to start the imagination sequence. There are three points.

1) Man throwing a chair
2) Woman pointing towards the window
3) Magician holding up a strange object

Go back upstairs and eavesdrop on the maids gossiping outside Room 226. You’re looking for the words “Was on the lookout”, “Cannot use a fish knife”, and “Made her husband drunk”.

Once you’ve overheard the maids enter the room to talk to Lord Craven. Inspect the body of the woman on the bed and then take a look around the room to uncover all the clues. Inspect the door, jewellery box on the cabinet and vanity case.

In the first room of the suite you’ll find a few more clues. Look at the desk to see the ripped papers and then read the letter on the small coffee table.

Once you have all the clues return to Lord Craven and present all the evidence.

Pin “Lord Craven’s Explanation” to the screen and head back downstairs. Talk to the receptionist to get a key to Room 225, Ghalichi’s room. Run back upstairs, enter Room 225 and speak to Mr. Ghalichi for his testimony.

Observe Mr. Ghalichi and come to a conclusion. The correct conclusion seems to be “Former thief became a medium”.

Examine the room to find all the clues and evidence. Take the letter from the desk and the ectoplasm. Perform chemical analysis on it to find out what it is.

Speak to Mr. Ghalichi again and provide evidence. Ask him about everything you can to get all of the clues. You may also want to return to Lord Craven and see if he has anything new to say regarding the clues you found from Room 225.

Open the Mind Palace and start putting the clues together. The two suspects appear to be Lord Craven or Mr. Ghalichi although the clues point to Mr. Ghalichi.

You will have the choice to either “Bring Luka Ghalichi to justice” or “Help Luka Ghalichi escape”. Either way go to see Ghalichi again and “Accuse” him. He’ll either be arrested or you’ll help him escape. Both options have no bearing on the rest of the game.

This finishes the Ghosts of the Past case and you’ll be back to the main case, A Mother’s Love.

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