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The Scapegoat case can be found by looking at the notice board in the Police Station after completing What Was Did in the Shadows.

After the quest has been activated check your casebook for Report No. 18-13. Four people were arrested for theft and property damage, three women and one man. The location of the crime scene is the Forest Ruins, west of the cemetery.

When you arrive you’ll spot a policeman standing guard and markers on the ground. Read the testimonies of the suspects and then search around the area for all of the clues.

At marker #1 you’ll find hoofprints. At marker #2 a broken jar of wine. At marker #3 rope soaked with wine and another jar of wine. At marker #4 bare footprints. Examine them more closely with concentration for further clues. Marker #5 is in the bushes just behind the dancing. You’ll find a beaded necklace.

Walk up the steps to the altar for marker #6 where you’ll find the remains of the goat. After examining all the clues you’ll be able to go through the reconstruction. Pay attention to the face masks of the three women.

1) Black Bird dragging the goat

2) Red Lion being attacked by the goat and dropping the jar

3) Dancing at marker #4 with Green Ox fallen over

4) Black Bird commanding the other two women to drag the priest out of the bushes

5) Green Ox tying up the priest by the pole

With that done validate the recreation and Sherlock will talk you through what happened. Return to the Police Station and talk to the clerk to let him know the case is solved.

Clerk Stark will tell you he’s been promoted to Sergeant and is moving back to the office. He asks for one more request, to find the chief inspector who’s been missing for a few months. If you agree to help the final Police Case will be added to your casefiles.

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