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Enter World C and open the gate to the star world. Here’s one solution to the sigil puzzle.


Nexus is a fun collection of small puzzles and is really not too difficult. Find the Connector and bring the lasers to the receptacles on the barriers. You’ll need to shoot the lasers through windows at times.

Once you have the Grey Sigil and head towards the exit you’ll spot a fan. Let it blow you over to a small yard where another fan will lift you up so you can see the entire puzzle.

The lasers will spell out the word NEXUS.


For this puzzle you’ll need to set up a network of Connectors so the barriers remain powered even as the droids pass through the beams. Start with one at the back right window powering the right barrier. Then another in the center path connected to the laser, right barrier and first Connector.

Grab the Connector and Box from the yard to the right and place the third Connector by the back left window to set up the network on the left side of the center yard. This should keep both the right and left barriers open.

Use the fourth Connector on a box in the left yard to connect the red laser to the red barrier. Go through for the Grey Sigil.

Unreachable Garden

First take the Platform off the center raised tile. Start the recording and place the Connector on the center raised tile attached to the laser and two blue barriers. None of the connections will work at the moment. Grab the platform and stand by the ledge at the back of the yard. Wait there for about a minute and stop the recording.

Quickly grab the Connector and place it to the side so that it connects the blue laser with the shadow connector in the center of the yard. The positioning for this is difficult.

Once the barriers are open grab the connector and use it to open the next barrier deeper in the puzzle. Grab the Box and take it to the shadow recording with the platform by the ledge. Place the Box on the ground and use it to make a staircase up to the ledge.

Place the Connector down, connecting the shadow Connector in the yard with the blue barrier to the Grey Sigil.

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