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Go through the gate in the World A temple and solve the Sigil Puzzle.

Dumb Dumb Mine (Grey)

Before entering the puzzle grab the Axe outside.

Take it to the center of the area and break the gate before the steps. Head up and pick up the Jammer. Enter the little room also in the center structure and use the fan to boost over the wall into the puzzle. Go back do the same thing with the Axe.

Use the Jammer to release the droid behind the barrier. You’ll need to grab the Keys behind it and clear the path so that it reaches the Turret and explodes.

Chop down the first tree in the path, open the gate, chop down the second tree and then use the Jammer to open the barrier. Watch as the Droid and Turret explode.

Go through and pick up the Grey Sigil.

Nerve Wrecker (Grey)

This is not a difficult puzzle to solve but is tricky to implement. Grab the two Jammers and use them to open the barrier and freeze one droid. Go to the other side and juggle the Jammers through. Lock the Droids on the outside.

Continue through the next barrier, bringing the center Droid out and locking it with the other two. Separate the next two Droids so you can sneak past and grab the Grey Sigil.

Jammed from Within (Grey)

The sigil is right at the beginning but behind a locked gate. Sneak past the first droid, grab the Jammer and disable the barrier so the droid goes through. Sneak behind it and veer off to the left.

Climb over the ladder and grab the second Jammer in the next yard. Use it to release the two droids and bring them through the two barriers to the same area as the first droid.

Run through and pick up the Keys. Use the Keys to open the gate further into the puzzle. Dodge past the two droids moving diagonally to pick up a second set of Keys.

Retrace your steps as you trap the two droids back in the lane they started. Sneak past the first droid and use the Jammer to open the first barrier. Go through, open the gate by the entrance and grab the Grey Sigil.

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