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The Coliseum

Artifacts: 1
Relics: 0

Run down the corridor and kill the small rats when you get to the first room. Climb up the ruins on the left and make your way around until you’re overlooking the pool. Dive in and face towards the center of the room.

Dive down and swim through the arch on your right side. Take a left, right and then swim through the hole in the wall. Pull up and take a breath. Climb out and kill the Rats and Bat.

Climb up onto the small cage on one side of the pool and use the handholds and head around to the right to get around to the large cage for a Large Medipak. Drop down and climb onto the small cage again. This time use the handholds but make your way around to the left. Jump back to the wooden pole and then onto the larger cage. Do a swan dive jump over the wooden fence to the other side.

Head up the passage to the coliseum. When you enter you’ll be attacked by 2 Gorillas. These creatures move fast, hit hard and throw rocks at you if you get too far away.

Once they’ve been killed climb up on the ruins on the left side as you emerge from the passage and head up to the back of the coliseum. Kill the Bats and jump up to grab the crack in the pillar. Traverse around to the left, jump up and then back to the rock ledge.

Jump to the next ledge and grab the Small Medipak. Slide down on the other side. Jump to the rock ledge overhanging the edge and then over to the balcony.

Jump over the small wall and pull the Lever to open a door below and release more animals. Drop down and kill the Gorillas and Lions.

Go through the door you just opened and run down to the room below. Go to the left side and jump over the ramp. Climb up on the medium-sized cage in the corner and grapple onto the small cage on top of the larger one. Pull it down and move it to the ramp. Push it over the edge and then drag it to the larger cage with the key. Climb up and grab the Balcony Key.

Go back up to the coliseum and kill another 2 Lions. Make your way back up to the balcony and go to the room behind the Lever. Use the Balcony Key on the gate to open the gate.

Climb up the ladder, turn around at run to the edge. Jump across to the top of the flat rock and then jump and use your grapple to swing across to the next flat rock. Run around to the left and curve your jump around the rocks to grab onto the edge. Pull up for the 50-Caliber Pistols.

Walk off the edge and climb back to the left. Climb up and then jump diagonally back to the crack in the pillar. Shimmy around and jump backwards to grab the next handhold. Traverse to the right and pull up.

Turn around, jump and grapple onto the hook. Turn around, lower down a little and swing until you can jump into the small alcove with Artifact #1.

Once you have the artifact drop down, traverse to the right, climb up, slide down and jump to the next ledge. Climb up the pillar, jump to the next ledge and over to the rooftop. Jump down to the rock on the other side, turn around and jump onto the balcony. Head down the stairs to the right to complete the level.

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