This level is much longer than the last but it’s still fairly easy to find all of the experience potions. There are 25 to find and 2 secret chests. I’ll list them all below along with a little picture of where they are in the level.

Secret Chests

1) The first secret chest is found next to potion 18. It’s between the two giant wheels and you need to approach it from the right. Inside is the Necklace of Life which increases your maximum health by 5%.

2) The second secret chest is located with potion 25. Inside is the Ring of Spellcaster which increase maximum mana by 5%.

Experience Potions


Trine Level 2 Potion 1The first potion is located on the first ledge from the starting point


Trine Level 2 Potion 2Drop down to ground level. Run to the right and use the knight to bash through the boards.


Trine Level 2 Potion 3

On a box on top of a branch. Same area as potion 2.


Trine Level 2 Potion 4Jump the branches and the potion is on a ledge with candles and a mana potion.


Trine Level 2 Potion 5Drop down and it’s hidden in an alcove to the right of the spinning platform above the spikes.


Trine Level 2 Potion 6It’s on the floor in the room after bashing down the door with the rock fist.


Trine Level 2 Potion 7Down the bottom in the next room.


Trine Level 2 Potion 8 and 9This potion is quite tricky to grab. It’s on a walkway in the next room. You’ll need to use the thief to grab on under the bridge and then swing to land on top of the bridge. It may help if you have the wizard set the walkway moving backwards and forwards before using the thief for some added momentum.

9) Same as above


Trine Level 2 Potion 10After killing the archer skeleton next to the spikes swing up to the branches. Once again you’ll need to swing and land on top of the branch to grab the potion.


Trine Level 2 Potion 11On a bridge just after the spinning platforms. A few skeletons will spawn around here so be careful.


Trine Level 2 Potion 12Potion 12 is easy to miss. It’s hidden in a tree above one of the checkpoints and just to the up and left of a teeter-totter.


Trine Level 2 Potion 13A long way from potion 12. This one is located hidden up above near where the pressure plate is to open the grate. Use the knight to jump up and smash the crate free.


Trine Level 2 Potion 14Just below the grate that has opened up.


Trine Level 2 Potion 15Jump across the ledges and over the balance boards.


Trine Level 2 Potion 16 and 17Keep heading to the right to the plank with two weights underneath. There is a third weight far to the right and up the top. Use the knight to break the boards which frees the way for the thief to grapple her way up to the potions.


Right next to number 16.


Trine Level 2 Potion 18 & SecretContinue down and then take the large wheel which is turning anti-clockwise. It’ll drop you off at a small alcove with an experience potion and secret chest.


Trine Level 2 Potion 19After killing the skeletons on the ledges work your way up and across to potion 19.


Trine Level 2 Potion 20Over some teeter-totters and behind a couple of crates.


Trine Level 2 Potion 21On a rock ledge above potion 20.


Trine Level 2 Potion 22 and 23To the left of the wheel with four ledges. You’ll need the wizard to get the contraption turning before you can make you way up.

23) Same location as potion 22.


Trine Level 2 Potion 24On a ledge above the exit of the room with the waterfalls.


Trine Level 2 Potion 25 and Secret 2In the next room use the thief to shoot the rope, dropping the rock fist on the bridge and collapsing it. You can now jump down and to the left is the last potion as well as secret chest number 2.

That completes this level. I hope you didn’t have too much trouble with it. Continue to level 3, the Wolvercote Catacombs.