The Dragon Graveyard is another fun level that shouldn’t be too tricky to complete. There’s lots of potions to collect (25), two secrets and a new plank skill for the wizard.


1) The first secret chest contains leggings and is found next to potion 6 and 7. Leggings protect the wearer from damage that is aimed towards the legs.

2) The second secret chest is next to potion 17. Inside is the Bottle of Poison which gives extra damage to your arrows or sword.



Trine Level 4 Potion 1Climb out of the tunnel to the Dragon Graveyard. First potion is under a tree on the left.


Trine Level 4 Potion 2Sitting on a box on a wooden beam. Use the wizard to knock the box over or the thief to knock it off with an arrow.


Trine Level 4 Potion 3Jump to the platform which is moving left and right and then over to the logs on the right. Be careful of the archer skeletons.


Trine Level 4 Potion 4On the next platform to the right, behind the skeleton.


Trine Level 4 Potion 5Drop down below the first checkpoint. Use the wizard to drop a box on the wooden boards to clear the way to the 5th potion.


Trine Level 4 Potion 6, 7, 8 and 9 with Secret 1The next four potions are very close to each other and the secret chest is also located here. Climb up the platforms and the potion is to the left of the roller tracks.

7) Next to potion 7.

8) On top of the roller platform.

9) On the platform to the right of potion 8.


Trine Level 4 Potion 10Keep hopping to the left and above one of the swinging platforms you’ll find the next potion.


Trine Level 4 Potion 11 and 12After picking up the plank spell for the wizard use it on the platforms to the right to enter into the small shelter with the two experience potions.

12) Next to previous potion.


Trine Level 4 Potion 13 and 14On a platform above a spiky ball. Use a plank and some boxed to climb up to it.

14) Potion 14 is on the next platform to the right.


Trine Level 4 Potion 15To the right of the small spinning planks.


Trine Level 4 Potion 16Two platforms above potion 15. Use the thief to grapple up to it.


Trine Level 4 Potion 17 and Secret 2Keep climbing as high as you can with the thief to the top wooden beams. Jump across to the right to land on the platform with the potion and second secret chest.


Trine Level 4 Potion 18This potion is on a little ledge under a platform. Use the thief to shoot an arrow and knock it free.


Trine Level 4 Potion 19On a swinging ledge. Either grapple up their with the thief or use the wizard to make it swing and the potion will roll off.


Trine Level 4 Potion 20There are a lot of potions in this area just past the balance platforms. The first is under the swinging spiky ball.


Trine Level 4 Potion 21Jump down to the ground and hidden between two boxes is the next potion.


Trine Level 4 Potion 22Just to the right on a little ledge. It’s easy to spot.


Trine Level 4 Potion 23Now you need to head up high. Get on top of the balance platforms then to the ledge over to the right.


Trine Level 4 Potion 24 and 25Once you have potion 23 the next two are a breeze to grab. Just jump to the platform to the right.

25) Same location as potion 24.

The next level, Crystal Caverns is a little harder to find all of the potions.