This level is a little different from the others in that once you start climbing the tower lava will start rising beneath you. Climb as fast as you can and collect the potions as you go. Sarek will throw boxes, planks and spikes at you as you climb.

You’ll need to switch quickly between the knight, wizard and thief as all their skills will be needed as you climb the tower.



Trine Level 15 Potion 1

Climb to the left or right and swing to the potion sitting on a central wooden beam.


Trine Level 15 Potion 2A little higher up to the right is the second potion.


Trine Level 15 Potion 2Keep climbing and keep a look out for the next potion on the left-hand side.


Trine Level 15 Potion 3A little further up, positioned between some pipes is the next potion. Plank it up or use a floating platform to jump up to it.


Trine Level 15 Potion 5Climb over the balancing platform to potion number 5.


Trine Level 15 Potion 6Climb up and over the statues to the right hand side.


Trine Level 15 Potion 7Continue up through the center and use Zoya’s arrows to knock off the next potion.


Trine Level 15 Potion 8Break through the boxes and planks that Sarek will through at you. The next potion is to the left of the flappy platforms.


Trine Level 15 Potion 9A little further up on the right side.


Trine Level 15 Potion 10On the right side once you’re virtually at the top.

Winning The Game

Climb up to the very top of the tower and hit the checkpoint. You’ll see a red and yellow Trine at the top.

Trine Level 15 Winning The GameSkeletons will keep spawning from the lava pools to the right and left so don’t worry about them too much unless they get in the way. Place a plank over the beams either on the left or right side and then jump up to it to reach the Trines.

If you’re feeling up to it you can continue with the game and complete the bonus level, Path to New Dawn.